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ED problem at 20s

For a couple of months, I have not had a morning erection, and when I have sex or masturbation I can't get a full erection.
I already did some testosterone tests (535) and I can't find what is my problem.
I am 20 years old, not overweight, with a good diet, frequent the gym.
I started doing NOFAP 2 months ago, but I don't feel like I am improving.
Maybe my problem is blood flow, but I can't be sure.
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Your concerns about erectile function are valid, and it's good that you've started exploring potential causes. Testosterone levels seem within a normal range, but erectile function is influenced by various factors, including psychological, neurological, and vascular health.

At your age, if lifestyle factors like diet and exercise are already optimal, it's worth considering other aspects:

Psychological Factors: Stress, anxiety, or mental health issues can significantly impact erectile function. Even if these don't seem prominent, they can subconsciously affect sexual performance.

Vascular Health: Good blood flow is crucial for erections. Cardiovascular exercises help, but if you suspect a blood flow issue, it’s important to discuss this with a doctor.

NOFAP: While some find benefits in NOFAP, it's not a guaranteed solution for erectile issues. If you haven't noticed improvement, it might not be the key factor for you.

Medical Consultation: A healthcare professional can provide a comprehensive evaluation. You might benefit from seeing a urologist or a sexual health specialist who can investigate further, possibly suggesting a Doppler ultrasound to assess blood flow in the penis.

Medications or Supplements: If you’re taking any medications or supplements, consider if they might impact sexual function.

Healthy Habits: Continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as overall health significantly impacts sexual function.

Remember, such issues are not uncommon and can often be resolved with the right approach and treatment. Seeking professional medical advice is a crucial next step.
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My GP listened and had me see a urologist, but first had to go to a nurse practioner. She asked general questions you would see online. My genitals were looked over and was told about rings and pumps. Too much for me but she also told me about injections.
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That stinks. Sorry to hear you are having issues.  Are you seeing a doctor or anything? I know sometimes we get afraid to do that or embarrassed or something but it would be best. To get a full physical. And discuss.  I guess you had a testosterone test, so perhaps you are working with a doctor. How is your stress level? No morning erection indicates more than stress, however. But this does often play a role in ED. Nerve and blood vessel issues can also lead to this situation as well.  Do you take any medications?
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Currently, I'm not seeing a doctor, because like you said it is a lit bit embarrassing, but I don't stress that much to not having a single erection every morning.
Also, I'm taking medication for acne and nothing more.
Don't be embarrassed with the doctor. They see, hear it all and are not phased. think clinical.  Even if you have to start by telehealth. They will not think anything of it. What acne med are you taking?
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