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ED for 2 years at 21

So I'm 21 (don´t smoke, daily active, workout 2-3 days, 1,80cm, 72 kg, not diabetes). At age of 19 I try to have sex but can´t perfomance. At first i thought it was because the alcohol i drank that night, but I noted that I was not having full erections even when I try to mastrubated and not having morning wood. So I quit porn and decided to see a doctor. He tested me for every blood test possible and everything was fine. My testosterone was at the average number. So i try NOFAP for 6 months, i noted that my erection improve when i finally try to mastrubated, but i got PE for not mastrubating for a long time. But the day after i try again everything was back to the normal.... my erection was not at 100%. So i visited a doctor again and he gave me cialis, this medicine improve my erection but my penis was not 100% hard....

Right now my doctor recomended to do a sondar test (but is very expensive and im still trying to collect money for it) to see if my penis is working normal and if the blood flow is enough for the erection. I am suspect that the problem could be related to a nerve problems (i have very shake hands) or blood pressure (when i get stressed and anxious my body start to get very hot and I get itchy all over my body, especially in my chest).

I'm no expert, but I am looking for opinions on the matter as I am all out of ideas. I have not been able to get a solid erection for over 2 years. I'am trying to go back to NOFAP and try to do Kegel exercises, but I´m not sure if it is the right thing to do...
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I RANDOMLY CHoose to respond to questions and you are the lucky one of the week. I know a lot about medicine. You need to see a NEUROLOGIST ASAP. Shaky hands is a sign of either Parkinson;s or Multiple Sclerosis. The diagnosis of either can not be done in ONE visit and is not an exact science. There are other neurologic disorders as well. See a XOMPETENT neurologist not a guy who sees you for 5 minutes and doesnt do a complete exam and medical history.  You also should see a vascular surgeon for evaluation of blood flow issues., aNY SWELLING in your limbs/ legs> You need a CARDIAC workup as well. You should of course rule out the USUAL causes of ED with a UROLOGIST--rule out testicular cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. A sonogram of testicles for any masses or ossues. a Cat scan with contrast to look at the prostate. YES--I Play a docxtor on TV. All of the things I mention will take MONTHS to evaluate. But if the problem isnt getting better you should try and find out the real cause. Little blue pills are a MASK. Also rule out DIABETES-is your blood glucose level nmormal? Diabetes causes serious ED problems. Its generally iorreversable (Diabetets type 1) Type 2-0you can manage with a change in diet and insulin. But Im saying too many tihngs. And od NOT use any steroid drugs or supplements they will shrink your testicles. Good luck!
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That is crazy man because I’m also 19 going through the same problem you’re going through. I’m not over weight, I’m going to the gym 4-5 days a week and I don’t do any types of drugs. I’ve been dealing with this problem ever since I was 17, I’ve been trying everything possible and I still haven’t figured everything out.
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Rough question to ask a young person. But do you suffer any anxiety?
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You are young for all of this, bro! I'm sorry. I'm glad you are working with the doctor and get your cash together to keep working on this. Do you think there is any psychological component to it? Except you don't EVER get proper erections you are saying, even in your sleep.  I think the test to look at your nerves and blood vessels in your genitals would be really key to understanding if there is an issue there to blame for this.
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