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shockwave therapy possible at home?

does anybody have some experiences with shockwave therapy machines for home use? Is it possible? And can you recommend a shockwave device?
Shockwave therapy is somethink like gainswave. Its especially usefull for vascular erectile dysfunction. Others I dont know. Maybe.
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Yes - there’s a device called the Phoenix, you use it at hone. I have one - after prostate cancer surgery I had pretty severe ED, altho my function was perfect prior to surgery. I had ‘nerve sparing’ surgery, but even so, the nerves controlling erections get damaged, if they’re spared they can sometimes  recover. It was taking a long time to get things back to somewhat normal, so. I bought one. It’s pretty loud, makes kind of a ‘jackhammer’ sound, but it did seem to help. The cost was originally around $750, but I think that’s increased since  the original introduction. You need to use a numbing creme (w/ Lidocaine) to make the ‘pounding’ less uncomfortable. You can find them online & read reviews, seems like most guys have had some degree of success. My guess is, the in-office big machines are prbly more effective, but I cdn’t justify that expense, not covered by medical insurance.
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Go-to amazon. They have several yet $$$$$
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Good old Amazon, what can't you get there?  I do hate people trying to medicate/treat their own conditions though.  
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This is an in office therapy, usually in packages of 6 sessions.
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