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Please help can’t stop worrying!!

I am a 26 year old female usually don’t have many problems about 3 weeks ago I noticed this feeling like something is stuck in my throat so I took a look and my right tonsil looks huge and the other one looks completely normal, my throat does not hurt at all it just feels uncomfortable to swallow because the feeling of something being stuck there. The doctor gave me antibiotics to rule out step and days have passed and I feel exactly the same. concerned of tonsil cancer. I went to a walk in clinic and he said he thinks it could be mono but I do not feel sick at all.
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I am so sorry that you have to go through this torture... But what you need to do is get your neck and throat checked out by a medical professional, get a CT scan and a PET scan and simply as an addition get an endoscopic test.... I bet you are fine... But somehow it seems that you have convinced yourself to have this dreaded disease... You maybe suffering through hypochondriasis, maybe...
But still get an appointment fixed with an oncologist, ENT , otolaryngologist asap...
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