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Any exercise suggestion for a person with cerebral palsy?

I already take Zumba just looking to supplement workouts
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Do you do any strength training?  A light weight work out would be excellent for you.  If you do Zumba, do you go to a work out facility?  They are excellent for the right equipment.  AND, they often have trainers and for a fee, they can get you started with what to do with the weights.  I bet, though, even if you don't use a trainer, that someone that works there would walk you through a work out.  If you don't have access to a Y or fitness center or gym of some sort, then a simple 4 pound weight is a good place to start.  You can do exercises to music in your home.  

bicep curls
tricep curls
over head presses
arm raises
wrist curls (need very light weight)

Tell me what you think!  Is this something you'd consider?  
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Cerebral Palsy: Exercise Programming

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Raed this site might help.
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