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Join us to meet health goals

This thread is for anyone who wants to join me in meeting health goals to discuss.  :>)  Health goals of daily exercise, eating right, losing weight.  
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Hello specialmom, sarah here signing up!  The holidays have really screwed things up, as expected.  And it has been hard to get back on track ever since.  But slowly getting there!  My current routine (that I try my best to follow) is 18 hour fast, so from 6pm to 12 noon I fast.  Feeding time is 12 noon to 6pm.  Then I do 30 minute brisk walk on the treadmill.  Five days a week.  Food I do not measure much but I will try to limit too much sweets.  That is the culprit.  Once I get sugar I binge eat.
Sugar is such a drug, isn't it? Got the same issue.  That and things like chips can be deadly to me. Your fast is really long!  Wow, I'd have a little trouble as I would be feeling funky in the morning.  Do you just drink water or do you have tea or coffee or something in the morning? I have three days a week in which my exercise level and activity level is great.  I think I need to get my heart rate higher though.  And it needs to be more than 3 days.  It's so hard.  Plus it is winter where I live so outside is so less appealing.  Sigh.  But I really want to do this. I'm trying to work on healthy snacks.  Fruit, for example, as my treat.  Kind of nice because it takes a lot of time for me to wash and eat an orange or grapes or sliced apple. And while some may say something about sugar content  of those . ..  it's better than cookies and chips, right?  I'd like to lose 15 pounds.  That's the goal.  
I'm not too far off!  I need to lose 18 to 20.  Gained a lot over the holidays.   They say it's more of what you take in than the exercise that determines weight loss.  Sadly, I do the fast well in four straight days then someone's birthday comes up.  Bang, cakes ice cream.  During the fast you can take coffee or tea but without sugar.  But I just drink water.  It takes a lot of getting used to.  Healthy snacks is a great idea too!  but when it comes to meals they say try eating until you are 3/4 to being full.  So place only a few on your plate and try to resist second servings.
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Nice thread. Count me in!
I just came back from Burma, had a big vacation. Very beautiful country, the food is great too. They eat a lot of fried food, I guess that's not a good thing to eat all the time. So, I ate a lot of fried stuff and rice noodles (I like noodles!).

This is my second week trying to get my workout schedule back on track, it's been successful so far. I am at 75kgs at this point, in decent shape, trying to get that up to 85kgs healthy weight (Muscle mass development mostly).

I love sugar! It's the only drug i couldn't give up, won't give up :p. Trying very hard to stay away from it.
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Just saw this post. I am looking to get to a healthier weight myself. It is truly a struggle.

Last year I cut alot of goods out of my diet due to finding out I had an intolerance for them I was weighing in at 150 give or take a few pounds. Normally and lately I am 5'0 weighing 160-165. However like I said it was alot. Anything that had to do with yeast. It also cost alot because I was making two meals a night one for me and one for my husband. When times got rough I couldn't keep up.

Now here I am and struggling to get back to it. I would love some support and tips. I have learned it is harder when you have an intolerance because that can add bloating and swelling to the mix.
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