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Join us to meet health goals

This thread is for anyone who wants to join me in meeting health goals to discuss.  :>)  Health goals of daily exercise, eating right, losing weight.  
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Hello specialmom, sarah here signing up!  The holidays have really screwed things up, as expected.  And it has been hard to get back on track ever since.  But slowly getting there!  My current routine (that I try my best to follow) is 18 hour fast, so from 6pm to 12 noon I fast.  Feeding time is 12 noon to 6pm.  Then I do 30 minute brisk walk on the treadmill.  Five days a week.  Food I do not measure much but I will try to limit too much sweets.  That is the culprit.  Once I get sugar I binge eat.
Sugar is such a drug, isn't it? Got the same issue.  That and things like chips can be deadly to me. Your fast is really long!  Wow, I'd have a little trouble as I would be feeling funky in the morning.  Do you just drink water or do you have tea or coffee or something in the morning? I have three days a week in which my exercise level and activity level is great.  I think I need to get my heart rate higher though.  And it needs to be more than 3 days.  It's so hard.  Plus it is winter where I live so outside is so less appealing.  Sigh.  But I really want to do this. I'm trying to work on healthy snacks.  Fruit, for example, as my treat.  Kind of nice because it takes a lot of time for me to wash and eat an orange or grapes or sliced apple. And while some may say something about sugar content  of those . ..  it's better than cookies and chips, right?  I'd like to lose 15 pounds.  That's the goal.  
I'm not too far off!  I need to lose 18 to 20.  Gained a lot over the holidays.   They say it's more of what you take in than the exercise that determines weight loss.  Sadly, I do the fast well in four straight days then someone's birthday comes up.  Bang, cakes ice cream.  During the fast you can take coffee or tea but without sugar.  But I just drink water.  It takes a lot of getting used to.  Healthy snacks is a great idea too!  but when it comes to meals they say try eating until you are 3/4 to being full.  So place only a few on your plate and try to resist second servings.
Hi there!!  How is the project weight loss going?  
Not good.  Finding it hard to go back into regular exercise routine what with my brother in law visiting for an indefinite period of time.   I have not really gained more weight, but I haven't lost any either since my holiday gain.
I understand.  I am finding baby steps (no pun intended) is best.  That means making small improvements each day.  One day at a time, trying to do something more each day that passes.  You can do it girl!
What about you @specialmom ? I hope you did better than I did.   I think mine will be put on hold, having surgery to remove a blockage in my Fallopian tube in a few days.
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Nice thread. Count me in!
I just came back from Burma, had a big vacation. Very beautiful country, the food is great too. They eat a lot of fried food, I guess that's not a good thing to eat all the time. So, I ate a lot of fried stuff and rice noodles (I like noodles!).

This is my second week trying to get my workout schedule back on track, it's been successful so far. I am at 75kgs at this point, in decent shape, trying to get that up to 85kgs healthy weight (Muscle mass development mostly).

I love sugar! It's the only drug i couldn't give up, won't give up :p. Trying very hard to stay away from it.
Ah, I'm right there with you.  I'm not getting 'serious' about all of it!  Ha.  Sugar is my best friend and worst enemy.  I am working for cardiovascular health so that's pretty motivating but it is hard.  And I live with people that do not need to watch their weight (kids and husband) and they can indulge far more than I can which is very tempting.  I'm considering doing low carb which I like my noodles too so that's a hard one as well.  Anyway, thanks for chiming in!  Hope the weight training is going well.  My son is wanting to put on some muscle mass and the trainer at his school (he's a student athlete) has him do his weight work out and then he drinks 'muscle milk' which is basically protein milk immediately after.  Not sure if they have that where you are but we keep it for post weight lifting to aid in building muscle.  Did you know drinking chocolate milk is considered an excellent recovery drink?  Yuck.  Doesn't sound good to me after a run but serious runners will drink a bottle of chocolate milk after a race. Interesting!
Wouldn't it be better to recover with protein powder? Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar in it, and from what I understand, you should avoid a lot of sugar so that you can shed fat and build muscle.
Yeah, Mom, they do use that stuff, but it isn't good for you.  Chocolate milk is made of milk, which adult mammals lack the enzymes to digest, and sugar with some chocolate in it.  Muscle Milk is a bodybuilding supplement that isn't good for you in any way.  Eating protein after weight lifting is to help in recovery, not in building muscle -- to build muscle you usually eat the protein at every meal, and usually you eat your meals before working out if you work for a living and whenever if you're young, but young people probably shouldn't be taking anything that might interfere with proper development.  Too much protein can be very hard on the kidneys, and can replace those antioxidant rich foods that are much better for you because you're only going to eat so much.  True bodybuilders eat constantly, sometimes six times a day, but for recovery, any high protein food is great and there are much cleaner and healthier protein products out there than that one.  If he's really using Muscle Milk, that's a product, and you should take a look at the ingredients.  Not good, Mom.  And it's also milk protein isolate, which you don't want -- you want protein concentrate.  The only dairy protein that one should use is perhaps whey protein concentrate, which tends to be better assimilated and less prone to the dairy problems, but whatever the source of protein, it's best if it's concentrate.  This is whether it's from brown rice, soy, egg, or whatever, you want it to be concentrate.  Don't experiment on kids, coaches!
Glad to see there are more weight watchers chiming in - this is a great post specialmom!
   Chocolate milk is a well known recovery drink for endurance runners/distance runners. I don't make the rules. lol  But it is done and recommended by some of the best. We are talking about something they can just have easily at the finish line.  And it's adults that do this too at marathons.  Again, I didn't come up with this and my son's coaches really aren't the ones who recommend it themselves.  It's probably on every running website as something lots of people do.  Okay, how about this. . .  every spring, our track team has something called the 'milk run'.  It's a fundraiser and kids (some adults too) have to drink during the run a full gallon of super chocolate milk and run a mile.  The barf.  I can't even tell you.  It's disgusting.  And they get about 75 participants every year.  Crazy and I know, very unhealthy.
The reason for this is the powerful relationship between the dairy industry and the federal gov't.  They have been teaming up for years and years and years to support what is actually a money-losing industry due to the high costs of dairy farming driving the industry toward larger and larger corporatism.  It's not because it's a healthy idea or a necessary idea or a good idea or even that it works.  We've been down this corrupt road so many times it's amazing it still works, but it does, down to telling women in the fifties formula was better for you than mother's milk.  Until this stops working they will keep finding ways of stuffing cow dairy down our throats.  
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Just saw this post. I am looking to get to a healthier weight myself. It is truly a struggle.

Last year I cut alot of goods out of my diet due to finding out I had an intolerance for them I was weighing in at 150 give or take a few pounds. Normally and lately I am 5'0 weighing 160-165. However like I said it was alot. Anything that had to do with yeast. It also cost alot because I was making two meals a night one for me and one for my husband. When times got rough I couldn't keep up.

Now here I am and struggling to get back to it. I would love some support and tips. I have learned it is harder when you have an intolerance because that can add bloating and swelling to the mix.
Could you explain?  What is it about yeast?  That's not a common problem.  Some think it is because of candida infections, but the yeast in food has nothing to do with the fungal infection that is candida.  So are you sure it's the yeast that's the problem?  This isn't to say that yeasted bread, for example, is good to eat, it does present problems, but usually not intolerance.  Just asking.
Yes, I am sure it is the yeast in the food that causes problems for me. My PCP ran a whole panel for food intolerance and allergies, due to the stomach issues I have. This led to her  suggesting I cut back on breads, and pasta. However, I still had some issues. I did the research and found many people who are allergic to mold also have yeast intolerance/sensitivity. Which when mold is high my body doesnt like me.

The thing is this makes it very hard to lose weight, because I bloat and swell when I eat these foods. Most say you can reintroduce the food slowly, but that only was ok for a month or so and then right back to having many of the same sxs.

The Chiropractor I was seeing explained it best. It is like having a cup in my body. While the cup is empty or just filling up I feel great, but once I eat to much of foods that I have an intolerance to, then the cup overflows and I begin to start feeling the effects of this. After a while the effects become more severe. Therefore, it is always good to cleanse myself of those things here and there, but finding the money, the time, and the motivation when other events are taking over you is where that becomes tricky.
I only asked because this has been a false issue for many years in the alternative medicine industry.  I worked in it for many years managing health foods stores so I'm pro, not con, on any form of health care that works, but it's important to get it right.  More likely, your problem is modern wheat and probably dairy as well.  Wheat is a man-made grain, not a natural one, and most people have some problem with it.  When you mention bread and pasta, you can get both that don't include wheat, and that may be your problem.  Yeast may be a problem for you, I'm not saying I know one way or the other, but when you group yeast with mold, the two are not related in any way.  There are two basic types of yeast used in food, baker's yeast in breads and brewer's yeast in beer.  Neither has been associated with the kinds of problems you're describing in studies that are well done.  Again, doesn't mean you didn't develop a problem with them, bodies are unique and people develop allergies to all kinds of things that would be benign if the immune system was working as it should, which isn't common anymore in our pollution and medication infested world.  The kinds of yeast that are harmful are candida albicans, but we don't eat that.  It bears no relation to food yeasts.  Now, I try to avoid yeasted bread myself, as yeast does just pump air into bread.  Traditional sourdough or sprouted bread is better for you.  I also try to use grains other than wheat at least much of the time if I can, such as using spelt and brown rice pasta and getting spelt bread when I can.  But when I do eat wheat, again, I eat sourdough rather than yeasted bread.  But it's not because the yeast is harmful in itself, it's just healthier not to use it because of all that air.  You keep doing what works, but I'm just raising this as an issue in case it's not working, in which case you have been misdiagnosed based on a fad, not something that has turned out to be true for most people.  It might be true for you.  Peace.
You sound really in tune with yourself seizure advocate!  Hope we can keep at it this year, right?  Here to motivate you.  Will you motivate me?  ha.  I am working hard to know my triggers. The things that if they are here, I'm not good at controlling myself.  And I'm trying to steadily increase what I do.  It's so hard to get off track, isn't it?  And I have a family with sons and sons that need a lot of calories.  My kids are big sports guys and both run on average about 10 miles or more a day.  Plus other things.  (one plays soccer, one runs cross country and both do track and basketball).  Anyway, they need things in their diet that I don't.  So, I get the making more than one meal. It's a massive pain especially since I know you work and are busy.  I have found if I am really good about what I eat all day except for dinner when I just eat the dinner I prepare for family watching my portion size, it goes okay.  
Thanks for the feed back Paxiled, and Specialmom. Paxiled, I understand yeast is not harmful for most. I know that most dont ever have an issues with it. I tried a few things after the test results came back and I found that wheat, and yeast have to be cut out for me to feel normal. I too use the sprouted bread if I eat bread at all. Even then I have to be careful the portion of it I eat. My body has always been different. I never get fever no matter how sick I am. I can tell you at least two days before any illness comes on. I guess it is like Specialmom said I am in tune with my body. This is why I sought help when the issues that I had started to get severe. It took 14 yrs before someone said this might be due to the food you are eating. The test results seem to be on the nose and therefore I hope to work toward a healthier me (not just for me but my family as well).

Special mom, I am here to motivate you in anyway I can. Have you tried a food dairy, or getting allergy/Intolerance testing done. My clinic was nice enough to do it for nothing pretty much. I am on the same page when it comes to working out I currently try to go for a walk during my lunch last week I did great of doing it the whole hr, and was motivated to do something more on my breaks here at work. Then the weather changed and now I only have gone for a walk for 30 mins. But my goal is to start eating better and walk more come March 1st. Last year I started everything in Feb and did good til May. Nearly 3 months it was great and I felt so good. I hope to break past that record this year. I have the willpower, I just dont feel I have the time and energy LOL.
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I'm in! I've recently started a new exercise program. It's 100 workouts in different phases and each phase get harder. I've completed workout 40. I have a tendency to fall off the rails, not so much with eating, but with exercise. I can only workout in the evening after my kids go to bed, and honestly, but that time, I just feel like getting into pjs and relaxing on the couch.
I understand where you are coming from. I would love to work out more. However, at home I am constantly busy with household chores. I work a full 8 hr shift Monday through Friday. By the time I get a moment to do for myself, I am to tired. GRRRR. Need to find time and a workout plan that works for me
I hear ya! I wish I could be a morning workout person, but I really cannot wake up at 5:30am and start doing a HIIT workout on an empty stomach LOL
Don't know how old you are, but for anyone younger than 60, exercise will wake you up.  Starting while a bit tired is common for those who like exercising, but when you're still relatively young it will give you energy back again.  
I'm 34, and I would love for it to wake me up, but I find it hard to give it my all when i'm doing it on an empty stomach. I'd have to wake up at 4:30am so I could eat and let it digest then workout, and I'm not willing to wake up that early LOL
Actually, I always preferred working out after work.  That's what I meant by starting out tired and then getting a lot of energy from it.  I would finish work, meditate, and then go do whatever it was I was doing at the time for exercise.  I never liked exercising in the morning.  For one, I'm not a morning person to start with, so every minute of sleep was important.  But mornings are also the stiffest time of the day, whereas at lunchtime or after work you've been up and moving for awhile and the body's warmed up.
Much as I want evening workouts it does not work for me :( I have trouble sleeping after and sleeping is already a problem for me as it is.  But 100 workouts?  What is an example of your workout?  I just settle with 30 minute treadmill Haha!
The 100 workout program I am doing consist of HIIT workouts, cardio plus strength workouts, lower half video, upper half video, core video, a MMA style video, and there is a yoga and stretch one. There is a lot of squats and lunges, as well as different type of weight lifting exercises.
LOL. I am in the same boat. I cant see getting up extra early to workout, and at night I have to much to do already. I usually try to make time during my work day to go for an hr walk. However, I would love to find a workout plan I can do during that hour that would benefit me more and find a place to do it.
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