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Odd feeling after exercise.

The more I exercise, the more this happens. Not necessarily more in one day, but as a whole.

Whenever I get into a good routine of exercising, the more often this happens.

I've had it happen right after leaving the gym and I've also had it happen hours later, when I'm relaxing in bed.

Usually it starts off with me realizing my heartbeat seems a bit stronger. I then feel a flushed feeling over my entire body and my feet get cold. It feels like I'm about to pass out. Usually I can kinda snap myself out of it by slapping my leg or making a shouting noise, but it's still scary.

I've been to the doctor numerous times. About 2 years ago I went and got a stress test done and the doctor said that the valve pumping blood out into my body wasn't doing it as good as it should. I was never prescribed anything and I was never told to have any type of operation or treatment done.
Recently my PCP gave me two EKGs and they were normal. I went for an echo and all it showed was that my left atrium was mildly dilated, but it wasn't an issue.

This has happened in the past. I'll get into the habit of working out and once I start getting into a good routine, this happens and I sideline myself because it makes me nervous.
I'm a 32 year old male.
Non smoker.
Social drinker.
Fairly active.
I am heavily overweight, but trying to work on it.
Lately I have been eating very good. I lost about 15 pounds since my echo and that was just over a month ago.

Any input would be appreciated.
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I read your article here for a while. But I think this may happen for the first time of starting exercise. You should wait for it atleast 1-2 weeks. I think everything will be okey.
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Could be insufficient rest or insufficient diet -- especially since you say you're losing weight.  When you change your diet, the point is to eat better permanently so the weight stays off, but you have to get sufficient of the right type of nutrients to support your exercise.  Many people "diet" which is to say go on some fad diet or severely restrict calories instead of eating healthier foods for a permanent change.  This can lead to not getting enough nutrients to support the level of exercise you're undertaking.  Just one possibility.
Also, when you're overweight and out of shape -- you seem to be saying you stop and start exercising -- you need to start your exercise program slowly so you don't go beyond your body's ability to handle it and work your way up to where you want to get to.  It doesn't hurt to get a physical as well, if you haven't had one lately, when you're starting out on an exercise program just to be safe.
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Could be Low blood sugar, hypoglycemia!
After exercise can also lead to feeling chilled or experiencing cold hands and feet. Not eating enough during the day and then putting in a long workout leaves you at risk. Post exercise hypoglycemia can be prevented eating carbohydrates low on the glycemic index before your workout can keep your blood sugar to be stable. Avoiding over-training can also prevent post exercise hypoglycemia. Schedule rest days throughout the week and take breaks during a workout to give your body's fuel stores time to recover. Are you drinking enough water before, during and
after exercising? Also are you wearing proper attire when
working out. Do you cool down properly after your routine?
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Maybe the reason is your exercise and your daily diet?

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