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I've been informed by my Gymnastics coach, after numerous complaints made by myself, that it's quite obvious that I have shin splints.
They hurt...so much. I can't even describe the pain; especially in Gymnastics when you're always running, jumping, ect.
How do you get rid of them, if they ever go away?


Maggie McClure.
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Proper physiotherapy will give you results for this pain which is probably due to inflammation or injury of posterior peroneal tendon.

The pain in the front of the leg and below the knee is the presenting symptom.

A sudden increase in distance or intensity of a workout schedule is the primary cause for inflammation of the lower leg muscles and foot muscles.

Applying ice packs, stretching the muscle involved to heal, intermittent rest, proper insoles help in primary cases. Visit a sports injury clinic for proper physiotherapy and proper rehabilitation.

Take care!

1123278 tn?1259756110
Okay thanks so much!

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