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i am so sleepy all the time and get tired so easily? why?

hi i am John and i am new here as my problem is i am easily get tired and so sleepy all the time and i am just 25 kindly help me?

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Have you seen your doctor for a check-up?  Changed anything about the way you eat or exercise?  About how much water you drink and electrolytes you consume?  Been sick lately?  Do you sleep well?
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Hi John! I used to have the same kind of issues and here's how I worked it out (did everything at once so I can't tell what actually worked the best) :
- Diminished added sugar and simple sugar as much as possible (fruit juices, soft/energy drinks, coffee and I started really reading the labels avoiding glucose-fructose and sugar)
- Exercised more, a daily 30 minutes at least as often as possible
- I had terrible sleep so I started taking a sleep spray on nights I couldn't fall asleep
- Started taking a combination of a multi-vitamin, omega-3 and probiotics

Most people tend to abuse stimulants and added sugar I read, which create a cycle of sugar-rush/sugar-crash which causes such problem as yours and eventually weight gain. I basically just started really taking care of my health and diet...

Now I'm as energized as a teenager! (I'm 28 by the way so I can relate)
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hey there, welcome to the forum!  Good to see you here and I am enjoying your posts!
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I have a question, do you use caffeine?  I use to and it was a bad thing.  It made me more tired in the long run. While it was rough for about 2 or 3 weeks after I gave it up, no more highs and lows and I felt overall more energized. I also get a boost in energy and feel less fatigued when I exercise more.  It's amazing but it definitely has that effect for me.  

How's your sleep and eating?  And stress level?  When I'm anxious or depressed, I feel lethargic and fatigued too.
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Hello John. I was not sleepy per say but always had this extreme tired feeling. What I realized was it was related to my stress levels and mood.
Somethings that helped me and would recommend is to pay attention to you diet. Eat a lot of bananas, vegies and drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Try to workout if you are not. Yes I know, telling a tired person to workout is making no sense. You do not have to push yourself too much. Just few minutes or an hour per day and believe me you will start feeling a lot better.
Another thing that helped me were some vitamin supplements I was taking.
I hope this helps and if you need more info, I would gladly share
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Hi John,  trust this finds you well. This is a big bracket, let's figure out what's going on?

1. How much physical work out is your body used to on a daily basis?

2. Are you constantly spending time in front of an LED screen,  reading, playing or any thing else?

3. Do you have friends and you go out with them?

4. Do you have a friend that you like and share intimacy with?

5. How has your mood been lately?

If you could answer these 5 questions above,  we will try and figure out what's wrong and fix it.
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Hey, these are some reason you’re Always Tired:
Consuming Too Many Refined Carbs
Living a Sedentary Lifestyle
Food Sensitivities
Not Eating Enough Calories
Sleeping at the Wrong Time
Not Getting Enough Protein
High Stress Levels
Relying on Energy Drinks
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