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Workout Plan?

I really feel motivated to exercise and workout the muscles that haven't been used in probably 8 years.  lol!  Back when I was 14-17 I would join my father in the gym, but his trainer gave me different things to do to just be fit and toned.  I do have some equipment at my house and my husband works crazy hours so we can't just go to a gym. Plus, I would like to look semi-decent to be able to even show up at a gym. (Yea, I've let myself go that bad.)  I have a mini stair stepper, a treadmill, dumbells, 2 exercise balls (one is medium sized and prickly, and the other is slightly bigger and smooth), and an adjustable exercise bench.  I really don't know where to start between the stretching, lifting, cardio, yoga, etc;  along with diet and nutrition.  Oh and I have a yoga mat.  I think I may still have my stretchy resistance bands.  

I don't have health issues that would hold me back.  I did recently find out that I was born with only one kidney and my urologist didn't give me a list of do and don'ts.  He just said go about everything like normal except for medicines in which I have to past them by him first or get a prescription from him.  I also have panic attacks, but I think those came along with not exercising or not having anything to do.  I usually clean the house (I'm a very strict and picky cleaner; I'm not happy or comfortable unless the house is thoroughly clean), I've been studying to be a medical transcriptionist, and I have a 6 year old daughter.  

Finally, now that I've talked your ear off.  My abs are completely useless!  I had to have a c-section with my daughter and I never did any workouts nor did my doctor give me any workout tips or exercises I can do.  I'm not heavyset, but I can't get up from a lying position unless I use my legs to swing myself up.

As for my question:  I need a good workout plan for me without having to visit a gym.  Are there any good, trustworthy and up-to-date sites that I can save to keep going back to do these exercises over and over each day? Or would anyone have any suggestions on where to begin?
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Hi, you can start with some aerobic exercises like treadmill or 30 minutes a day starting with slow speed and slowly increasing the pace. After a month you may add some more exercises to your schedule like little weight training along with other equipment you have. You can also add Yoga at any stage. Be careful to eat balanced diet. Avoid taking sugars and fat in your diet. Losing weight is a slow process and issued not expect body changes before 2 to 3 months. I hope this helps.
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Thank you again for your comments!
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Body-weight exercises can make you fit fast-track!!
check out some really good exercise-plans & details at http://www.bodyweightworkoutsystem.com/

All the best!
Parth Adhyaru
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