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Crab-Eating Macaques (Philippines)

Our family has had all sorts of animals. We taught the children how to care for them and to be kind to then. As a result all of our pets have been very gentle. (This even includes the geese.) So our home has always had its fill of dogs, cats, tortoises, ducks, rabbits, geese, and occasional visitors.

The one disappointment was a pair of crab-eating macaques. We got them as juveniles and brought them up as we bring up all of our animal and bird companions - well fed and housed, clean and enjoyed. The monkeys were not one of our successes. In the first place they were very nervous and unpredictable. They were wantonly destructive. They attacked the cats. And then they started biting. When he male matured he became vicious and so we gave them away to someone who had a very large aviary. In terms of personality, they were like humans with all the stops pulled out. Sociopaths, I guess. too bad it didn't work out. They were very clever, liked their salad with dressing and would play tricks on us.

I have since learned that old-world monkeys tend to have mean traits, but that new world monkeys make fine pets.
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That happens with some animals. Many people here find baby squirrels, raise them to be pets but find when the squirrels reach sexual maturity, they become more aggressive and will bite.

I know nothing about monkeys, not sure if raising them from an infant would have made a difference or having them spayed or neutered would have helped. Some animals simply retain their wild nature no matter what we do.
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I hesitate to call these monkeys animals because they have so much in common with us. This fascinated us. Our disappointment in not being able to engender acceptable behavior was great. I have since learned that their behavior was typical for that breed of monkey. When we leave out the unpleasant bits from our thinking, we miss them greatly. They were intensely clever, very tricky, and capable of planning, capable of cooperation, and, unfortunately, capable of viciousness.
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