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hi everyone i want to ask detail about AT Lisa trifocal

im 24 years old have cataracts on my right eyes only, im  Student pilot, this is the hardest part of my life, its nightmare, ive surgery 1 and half months ago, and implanted Monofocal non asperic by alcon, its terrible sight, i can't see near for reading, and terrible sight indoor room, also i have some ghost pic in some low light condition like watching TV, and ligt scattering in angle of the lights, istill have 1.5 cylinder in both eyes, my doctor suggest to do have lasik first to  eleminating into 0 cylinder, because what i read , Astigmatism is the enemy of anykind Multifocal IOL and to reduce the halos glare percentage

In the next i've plant IOL exchange to Multifocal especially trifocal regarding to my future (pilot),and my doctor suggest me AT lisa trifocal 839mp, need your explain and experience with this IOL,

im so worried about my vision now, im very sad. :(
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I had the AT Lisa 839 implanted seven weeks ago.  I can read down to 4/6 point type, read computer screen at two to two and a half feet and distance is 20/25.  No halos and no glare.  Perfect result for me.

Everyone is different but the potential is there in this lens.

bon cnance!  .
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You may have already checked on this issue, or perhaps your doctor has,  but I'm wondering if you know what your country's policy is regarding whether pilots can fly with multifocal IOLs. I suspect that most countries allow it, but you might wish to confirm that isn't a problem since I think it was when multifocal IOLs first came out.

If you are considering a trifocal IOL, then you might talk to your surgeon about whether they prefer correcting your astigmatism with a toric IOL rather than with a laser (or a manual incision). I think an incision  (with either a laser or a blade) rather than actual lasik is more commonly used to correct astigmatism for someone getting a trifocal that isn't a toric lens.

There are a few trifocals out now, with most studies suggesting the AT Lisa and the Finevision were fairly comparable, with different surgeons preferring each one. There is a new trifocal out from a major lens company, the Panoptix which might be another option. I haven't seen much written about it so I don't know how well it compares to the AT Lisa for sure, but this article seemed to indicate it might be a good choice:


There is also at least one other trifocal that isn't as widely used yet so some doctors may not be aware of it (I don't know if its approved in your country):


In my case I was originally planning to get a trifocal lens, but then the Symfony came out which I decided was a better option for my needs. It  is an extended depth of focus lens, rather than a multifocal. Here is one article comparing the Symfony with the AT Lisa trifocal:


The studies I've seen indicate it has a lower risk of halos&glare than multifocal lenses, and better contrast sensitivity (low light vision). Studies suggest it likely provides the best vision of premium lenses at distances from 46 cm to far distance. It provides nearer vision than that, but other lenses are better for very near, including the trifocal. Since you are young and are used to having very good near vision (unlike older folks who have lost some of their near vision, presbyopia) it may be that a trifocal might be a good fit for your needs. In my case I preferred the Symfony since it seemed likely to have better  intermediate vision (which I use more than really near vision), and my near vision is good enough (e.g. I have no trouble using a smartphone).
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