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Alcon 1 piece Acrysof Mono

Alcons 1 piece mono IOL looks like it has a yellow tint to it.Do they make the same model without a tint??
Also have any of the Docs here used the Tecnis 1 piece mono and the Tecnis 3 piece mono 9003...??
What is you experience installing these?? Please elaborate.
And have you heard of new mono lenses coming in 2013 that look promising??
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I use all three IOLs.  The all work fine.   Alcon Acrysof only comes in a tint.  It it rare that a patient notice the color.

Dr. O.
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I have the Alcon Acrysof toric (i had a lot of astigmatism so needed that version) with the UV filter (blue light)...i can highly recommend it from my experience with it...all colors i see look very natural to me and in fact, i would say the filter is a good thing to have as i never seem to need sunglasses even when i go to places with very bright sunlight like florida....

It's a very good lens by the way (works well)...and the filter is NOT like putting on sunglasses, it just filters the harmful uv sunlight, that is really all...
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so you dont see any tint at all?? I wonder about night driving with a tinted lense. I HAVE to be able to drive at night after cat surgery.
Doctor, could you say which Tecnis you like best in mono and why??And feel free to mention other IOLs.
I really appreciate the knowledge. This forum is the closest thing to a cataracts forum anywhere on the web.
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Correct...i would say i do not notice any tint at all...but i can also tell you that i do great in strong sunlight, in the rather blaring light that you find in shopping malls, and night time vision is fine...so, to be honest, i don't see any "downside" to it, only pluses...Of course, i am speaking specifically to that lens and that type of tint, since that is what i have...
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I've said it before:  the degree of blue-light blocking in Alcon lenses (i.e., yellow tint) varies with the power of of the IOL.  Powers used to correct very farsighted eyes have the most yellow tint; powers used to correct very nearsighted eyes have the least.  Some people who have a tinted lens in one eye and a non-tinted lens in the other report that there is a difference in color.  If I were very farsighted or worked in a paint store, I'd probably opt for a non-tinted lens.  (BTW, both Acrysof and Tecnis lenses filter UVA.)
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but if you look at the 1 piece Tecnis and the 9003 3 piece Tecnis you dont notice any tint...you definitely notice on the Acrysoft.
Baush and Lomb
has the newer EnVista 1 piece that is blue. It btw looks to be a good 1 piece design though you dont hear much about it. But I dont like BL overall.
Definitely not the Akreos with 4 haptics. Thats 2 too many I think and its problems are documented. I am a 3 diopter myope with .50 cylinder. Both.
I am leaning toward the 9003. But it is an older design.
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