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Am I seeing the edge of my IOL?

I had cataract surgery about 6 years ago so, of course, I have IOL's.  Last year I had a pseudo macular hole in my right eye which was repaired with vitrectomy, ERM peeling and a long acting gas bubble.  Total success there. 2 weeks ago I had a vitrectomy and ERM peeling in my left eye...no gas bubble required, only saline.  A few complications...my eye bled internally between the surgery and my 24 hourcheck up and then my pressure skyrocketed to 37 the week after surgery.  I have been back to the surgeon 3 times already.  Bleeding stopped and pressure is now normal with 3 additional eye drops.  My vision is still cloudy but I can read again just fine (as my left eye is for reading since cataract surgery).  However, I can see a black circle in my vision, just around my central vision.  My best guess would be that I am seeing the edge of my IOL.  It looks like the edge of a contact lens would look like if you could see that.  My surgeon has no explaination other than perhaps it is because I am still on Atropine 1 time a day. What could this black circle be?  Is this normal?  Could my IOL have been compromised during the vitrectomy?  My surgeon said that I only had a very small space for her to work in.
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You ask good questions but none I can answer with certainty. If you pupil is still dilated you might be seeing the IOL edge. When the pupil goes back to normal size (and make take 3-4 weeks off atropine) hopefully that will take care of it. It could also be due to a fold or wrinkle in macula/retina.
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Thank you for your response, Dr. Hagen.  I will see how it is when the Atropine is no longer dilating my eye.    I did not realize that may take a few weeks so thanks for that information!
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