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Cataract removal with toric lens

I had cataract removed two days ago !  I went back yesterday and only had a 20/70 reading !   I had toric lens put in and going for mono vision since I have worn contacts like this for years ! This was for up close eye !  I realize that it could change from day to day !  Years ago I had RK surgery with 18 cuts in both eyes and that failed and then I had lasik on top of that !   I also have macular degeneration!    I was going to have toric put in right eye for distance but my dr ruled that out yesterday because he said it was border line !  My question is can my left eye be corrected if it does not clear up on its own ?
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It will take 4-6 weeks usually to know your final vision.  You will not have perfect vision because of your other problems any one of which could prevent the eye from seeing 10/20    First you had RD which scars the cornea and creates irregular astigmatism that cannot be fully removed even with LASIK. Than your have macular degeneration which is the most common cause of legal blindness in older adults.   Many surgeons, including our practice, will not do toric or multifocal IOLs in a patient that has had previous RK.  We use the new light adjusted lens.   But do not expect 20/20 vision even with glasses, if you get that it is a gift.
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