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Dark afterimage-like image

Hello doctor
When I stand close to a plain wall, I see at the bottom of my left eye a dark image. It looks sort of like what happens after you look at a bright light, except it's there all the time. I had my eyes dilated by an opthamologist and they said there were no detachments and it was just "one of those things". They said it might be due to my vitreous liquefying or maybe my eye muscles causing a phospene and that I would have to learn to ignore it.    It's not a floater, for sure. I am not sure whether to accept this "learn to live with it" or whether I should have an angiogram or something else? My visual field test was OK. I only noticed this thing when I was staring at a white wall in my bathroom and sort of testing my eyes, and now I can't stop noticing it.
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I have no health problems. Blood pressure is low normal. Not diabetic or anything like that and I take no meds.
The testing you have done especially the Eye MD exam and Visual Field are appropriate. If it was something neurological you should be able to see it when looking at all colors and backgrounds not just a white background.   You might discuss with your personal physicians but pretty thing grounds to mount a major nuerosurgical work up on.
Sorry, Dr Hagen, I didn't understand the last sentence. Thank you
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Nevermind, I got it
"Thin grounds"
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