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Does violet light prevent the progression of myopia?

When buying spectacles for my nephew I was shown a variety of filters to include. I heard UV filters are required to prevent retina diseases but they offer blue light filter too now.

I searched for the issue and found this article on NCBI: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5233810/
which states violet light (and UVA but not UVB) is effective at preventing myopia, at least in their chick model.

My questions for this one:

1. in their study they covered the animal's eye with a goggle fully which is not how spectacles work (which are in front of the eye, sides are uncovered). So does an UV filter glasses properly filter out UV?

2. Will it make his myopia worse if we add UV or blue light filter?

For the record I know outdoor activity of daily 1 hour is recommended which he has. But if the glasses filter out the "protective agent" then his myopia will become worse.
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There is a world wide epidemic of myopia especially in Asia where there are more myopes than non-myopes. All factors pale in the cause of myopia beside the hours and hours that people spend focusing on books, computers, iPhones, and video screens.  In the study you cite it is very preliminary and no conclusions can be drawn. The best evidence suggests for children and the young spending several hours/day outdoors is the best prevention. In China they are even constructing classrooms with glass walls so the child can look "far off" and cut down time spend on non-essential video screens.
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Thank you for the answer. Well then no blue blocking filter but given the 1h of outdoors activity I'm unsure of the UV blocking filter too at the moment. Increasing outdoor time with homeworks done outside might be a good idea though.
Good luck with that. Not much success dragging young people away from their screen time.
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