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Exchange IOL back to natural eye power

Dear Doctor,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My right eye implanted lens is Alcon Acry Sof IQ, it gives me image size bigger and closer than my non-surgical left eye no matter I wear -2.0 for distance or nothing for reading vision. (My good left eye wear -6.5 contact lens). 7 weeks later after surgery, my 2 eyes are still fighting.

1. Does Alcon Acry Sof IQ's brand cause more image size difference problem than other brand?

2. Since if I only use right eye, I feel dizzy and right eye don't want to focus long time. So I'm thinking of exchanging IOL back to prescription -7.5 contact lens as prior cataract surgery. Since my doctor said if exchange IOL to same brand will be easier. If I still use Alcon Acry Sof IQ lens with new power to leave me -7.5 contact lens, will it make image size same as my good left eye? Or there is no any guarantee?

3. Is there any way to test before exchange IOL and make sure new power really solve my 2 eyes fighting problem?

Thank you very much for help.

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1. NO
2. I would never advise one of my patients to have an IOL exchange and put back an IOL that would leave you that myopic. My patients would be recommended to have lasik on the unoperated eye or to have a cataract operation on the unoperated eye.
3. See #2

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Dear Dr. Hagan,

Thank you very much for your answers.  My 2 eyes still fighting now.

My doctor said I have thin cornea and not good to do lasik on either eye.

Since I'm still dizzy if I only use operated right eye to see anything, I'm afraid of if I do procedure on unoperated left eye, I will end up 2 dizzy eyes.

Thank you very much for help.!
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