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Eye inflammation followed by vision worsening

Some histories of my eye: I had 4 eye surgeries on my right eyes (first for retinal detachment, 2nd to fix a macular scar, 3rd for cataract, and the 4th which happened a year after the 1st surgery for retinal redetachment.)
That was 2 years ago, I had oil inserted in my last surgery and everything seems stable until recently. My eye got an inflammation, which my doctor told me might be related to the oil. I was prescribed steroid eye drop to control for it for about 1 month, the inflammation seems to persist but is controlled under eye drops (4 times a day). But about 2 weeks ago (2 weeks after starting on eye drop), I noticed on the left side of my eye, everything becomes blurry. Before this, the vision was not good (I had a grey eye in the center but can still read large letters). Now, my vision is darker and blurrier to the point I could not read any more.
My doctor told me the retinal region was lifted up a bit and he thinks it’s probably why my eye saw worse, and the vision can better or worsen over time, that he's not sure. I was also told that there was no chance of redetachment with the oil inserted. And he was inclined toward no more surgeries / interference (due to the complicated history with that eye). It’s really hard to let the eye become worse everyday without doing anything. My questions is:
- Do you think the retinal will not be detached with the oil inserted? What would you think of a treatment for my current eye?  
- Would I seek a second opinion in my case? I know Bascom Palmer is a good place, but I could not drive very far. Would you recommend any good ophthalmologist in the North Florida area.

Thank you very much for your time and opinion.
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Your retina can detach even with silicon oil in it. I would get another opinion. U of FL might be a good place unless that is where you are now. I don't know any private practice retina people in N FL.   It also looks like Emory or Duke might be too far to drive.   Obviously take good care of your good eye.  Avoid trauma, make sure it is checked each time and live a healthy lifestyle. the bad eye may end up with no useful vision.
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