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Hi my name is channappa my vision is also blurry ghost double vision and starburst floaters on two months I also meet an eye doctor hi told no problem in your vision but still I am I'm getting ghost double vision difficult to see dim light
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You need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist. The best and most respected you can get to. Many causes for your symptoms.  Needing glasses, incorrect glasses, cornea disease, cataracts,  macular problems.  May need special tests.
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Sir I have already  wearing eye glass but is not reduce my symptoms
I said there were MANY causes that need to be excluded.
Sir doctor said dry eye but I am getting mild pain in the eyeball and  seeing every time tv ,mobile  computer screen over lapping text and 100 meters distances to see any person double gosting  please help us.
I can't help you over the internet with your complaints. If your present "eye doctor' can't help you then you need a better Eye MD ophthalmologist.  Your problem does not lend itself to providing helpful information over the internet.
Hi sir today I am going eye MD got eye checkup there is no problem on my vision and neurologist also said your report was normal MRI scan but still my problem in eye
Have you seen an Eye MD on not? Your post says you ARE going not you HAVE BEEN to Eye MD.   If you have NOT been post what the Eye MD says.
Hi sir I am finally meet the eye MD in    hospet Karnataka India and I have an OTC scan but still no use Dr manjunath said no problem detect in your eye and another eye hospital in Hubli visited 2 days back mm Josh eye institute in Karnataka they said same answer the answer is no problem in your vision but I am still getting blurry ghost double vision and are not correct my glasses still gosting in vision in 4 months
There is not much more I can tell you. First if it was serious it should have shown up in two regional eye exams. Unless something changes I think you are going to have to live with it.  If you want to throw more money at it you could see a private practice cornea specialist, have a cornea topograhy and try contact lens.
Hi sir I am going an eye MD Dr satyamurty and hi said make an wavefront scan I have done it scan report is higher order aberration how to treat Lasik is ok
Thanks for the follow up. I don't see you asked a question. It would be important to be sure you don't have keratoconus.  If you have higher order cornea aberation a rigid contact lens fit over the cornea should eliminate the ghosting, doubling and problems.
Sir what are contact lens good for dry eye and trefoil aberration ?
They are not good for dry eye. But rigid contact fitted over a cornea with irregular astigmatism often eliminate the doubling/ghosting. They are used for diagnosis.  If the rigid contact corrects the problem than in a person with NO dry eyes rigid contacts might be fit. if the person can't or won't wear rigid contacts than lasik cornea surgery is often suggested.
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