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Flickering vision when waking up

When I first wake up I have flickering vision that lasts for a few seconds until I focus on something bright. This does not happen when the room is lit only when the room is dark. It will happen if I’ve slept an hour or 8 hours. I have seen 2 eye doctors 1 being an ophthalmologist and eyes are healthy and neither have answers
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This has been posted here many times over the years. Given you have had a normal eye exam and things don't change do not worry. It is just the macula "waking up' and shifting from dark adaptation to day adaptation.  (the retina has 3 systems on for day light, one for twilight and one for dark)
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Is it not allowing me to ask another question and I’m not sure why. But is it normal to see purple spots in vision when driving at night? I’m assuming from the headlights and lit up sings
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If you post a question and it doesn't show up, just open another comment box and just type one letter in it and press 'submit comment' If is some kind of software problem they can't fix on MedHelp.org        Any bright light often triggers an "after-image'   Somewhere along the way you do need to see an Ophthalmologist for a medical eye exam.
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