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Gas bubble in eye is breaking up...will it be gone soon?

The gas bubble in my eye, now 7 weeks post macular hole, IRM peeling, vitrectomy surgery started breaking up into smaller bubbles a few days ago.  Now that this break up has started, about how long will it be before the gas is completely dissolved?  It is quite a show to watch the bubbles!  Sometimes there are a few of varying sizes, sometimes there are 8 bubbles!  They change positions often and roll around the main bubble, which is shrinking quickly.  Also, I can now see clearly through the bubble, all the way down to the floor.  It was a long acting bubble.  I am just ready to be rid of it now.
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Your experience is similar to others posting here.
Thank you, Doctor.  In your experience, once the bubble starts to break apart, how soon may it be before it disappears entirely?  As much fun as it is to watch them, I am anxious to be rid of them!   :^)
I had the long lasting in each eye when I had vitrectomy for retina detachment.  The Dr. told me that it would last 12 weeks each time. and, for the most part, he was right.  One day you will wake up and it will be gone, usually after getting really tiny for a few days.  Patience is required with this type of stuff.  Best of luck.  Jim
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Is it a invasive operation ? Did it
Hurt ? Has improved your vision ? Reason I ask is before I have tons of floaters and I want to get rid of them but they said they’re not venig
The end of your post cut off.  They said they're not....what?  Is there a reason they won't do the vitrectomy?  A vitrectomy would be a little different than what I had....macular hole closure and membrane peeling.  The doctor wants to do just a vitrectomy on my other eye and said it would be an easier surgery and recovery if  my retina did not detach during the surgery.  I kept a journal here on Med Help if you would like to read it under the Journals section.  I have major floater in my left eye and a lamellar hole which has remained stable for over 10 years and does not need treatment.  I may have the vitrectomy next year.
I have tons of floaters both eyes and the medical team ( USA ) is refusing to do anything because my vision is 20/20. Also have complaining of blur vision , white transparent dot right in the middle of the central vision ( left eye )  which drives me insane ( white lines look glittery, windows, electric poles, window frames , etc ) . At the beginning thought it was more severe but then realized everywhere I look is glittery not distorted ( saw the dot on a yellow background ). None knows what’s wrong with my vision and none will ever know. My mayor concerns is is following text , either I am tilting my head to the left  or the right , but my phone has to be tilted degrees either left or right so I can see straight . Computer screens are out the picture .
I myself would not have a vitrectomy done for floaters only.
Me neither and I have a Weiss Ring.
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Ya all know I had a solar injure indulge by cosmetic blue light . I am hating the side effects and I can’t move on with my life . I am 38 year old and I am single and alone so you know
My biggest fear ,

That glittery spot worries me a lot , we have talk about the distortion and such . I am trying to get a sense of what the hell happen to my sight and none has the answer , is not that I am b*ching about it . Maybe if I was 60 year old i would laugh . But I am too young to be visually impaired.
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