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Halos, Starbursts and Glares

Ok. So, before I get started on my complaints about my vision, I wear contacts (-7.00 Left eye and -6.00 Right eye).

Since August I have been seeing halos and glares around lights. At first it was only little halos and glares around the lights at night with some doubled vision. But as time passed, it has been getting worse. Now, the halos and glares at night expand very far off the lights, and they have been getting bigger and more noticeable during the day. The Double vision has gotten worse as well.

Other than the halos and glares and what not, when I put my contacts on, no matter how many times I replace them or wash them they always seem slightly foggy (Which is also kinda how the halos and glares look). My vision without my contacts or glasses has gotten blurrier as well. I mean, my eye sight isn't all that Bueno but I can tell when it gets worse. It sort of looks like when your eyes tear up. Also, I'm not sure if this is normal but I see these empty spots in lights when I take my glasses and contacts off. Two very noticeable spots in lights on my right eye and none in my left eye that are as noticeable as the two in my right eye. They are there with every single light and they disappear when I put my glasses or contacts on.

I went to the clinic (just yesterday) and the doctor said for me to stop wearing my contacts for the week and told me to see and ophthalmologist this week. I haven't gone yet because my parents and I have yet to find an ophthalmologist.

Sorry for the long ramble and bad sentence structures and grammar..... But if you can help that would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry...Forgot to add this....

Whenever I close my eyes and roll them, when I open it back up again and look around, it is very foggy, it doesn't matter if I am wearing contacts, glasses or neither, this occurs. The same thing occurs when the lights are turned on after being off, or when a light is shone into my eye.

Again, if you can answer, that would be greatly appreciated!
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Your profile lists you as 15 years old.  I'm going to assume you are healthy and that you have not been diagnosed with any problem other than myopia and have no strange eye diseases in your family like keratoconus.

That being the case by far the most common cause would be cornea problems usually irregular astigmatism caused by the contact lens. You plan of discontinuing the contacts, wearing glasses and seeing an ophthalmologist is a good one. Your family doctor/pediatrician should be able to refer you to one or you can find an Eye MD ophthalmologist near you at www.geteyesmart.org     Do not wear the contacts till you are examined by the specialist.  A cornea can stay warped from contacts for many months before resuming a normal shape.

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Ok. That actually makes sense. Thank you for your insight. :)
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You are welcome
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