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Headaches/migranes even after changing the lens on my glasses

Hi everyone,
Could my frames be causing headaches?  I had problems with my eyes feeling heavy ever since I have gotten the frames last year. I thought it was normal/ it would fix up by itself, but I have been having massive headaches (migraine level) for the past 6 months. I finally decided last month to go the optometrist and got a new prescription and changed the lens on my frames as it would be cheaper than getting a new frame of glasses and lens.  However,  there was only a slight change in my vision in the numbers (besides the axis) .

RT (Sph/cyl/axis) : -2.5 /-0.5 /180; previous was -2.5/-0.5/3. From what I've read the axis, although the change in axis may seem big, it isn't really that much . However, I will ask the optometrist if that change is ok.
LT. (sph/cyl/axis: -2.75/ -0.5/ 20; previous was -2.75/-0.5/18

I've also had my pupillary distance measured to make sure it was corrected. It gave a little bit of relief, but my head was still hurting. I then changed to a different type of lenses (to progressive lenses material as I was told that could be making a difference) and added blue anti- reflective treatment as I read that it could be possible that looking at screens could be causing an headache. It did also help in that before the glasses felt completely heavy on my eye everywhere, but now the pain is primarily limited in the back and inner eyes ( I know this may not specific, but it's the best I can describe it).

Yet I keep on getting persistent migraine type headaches, especially in the morning after i put them on.

I've also noticed that i do get less of a headache if i wear my glasses a little looser; i.e if I push it down my nose. This isn't a permanent fix and I still get headaches, but I do get them less often, which is why I do it.

I have also noticed that this pain happens much more when I'm indoors with the glasses on (regardless of I'm staring at a screen or not). If I'm outside, it doesn't hurt as much/ at all again ( it feels great when I feel the normal feeling again). However, it does hurt again when I'm driving for more than 20-30 minutes.

I've tried doing the 20/20/20 technique but the type of headache/migraine I'm getting doesn't disappear after that. It really only improves after I sleep/nap or do some physical activity where I'm moving for 30-40 minutes. Because from what I've read, I have pain in my eyes specifically and not eyestrain which is what the 20/20/20 technique is primarily for it seems (https://www.healthline.com/health/headache-behind-eye#causes). The nap always resets my eyes and makes them feel normal but the physical activity doesn't always improve it. The problem is that it it is difficult to fall asleep when my head feels so heavy. I've also used eye drops and while they don't get rid of my headache, they do give my eyes relief and make it easier to recover from the migraines. I also make sure to drink plenty of water as I've read that also can cause difficulties.

This is really important to me as this is greatly affecting my mental health as I can't do anything at all day with the glasses on due to the massive migraines I get, yet I can't live without them. It is a massive mental energy drain as I spend so much time and energy trying to fight my headache off that I can't do anything else. The optometrist I went to mentioned I've been looking at screens more than normal which could be causing the problem ( as I have a job where I have to look at screens and then also have to study after that ). But honestly I've used screens for much longer than before and never had these issues previously.
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Don't wear your glasses for 24 hours and see if that cures your headache.  If you still have headaches it is not glasses or frames. If you are dramatically better get a second opinion from a different highly regarded ophthalmologist (and Eye MD) not a non physician optometrist.  Having said that it is not at all common for a incorrect glasses prescription or poorly fitting frames to cause the type of pain you describe and your glasses prescription is pure vanilla in a really insignificant amount of astigmatism.  (0.50 diopter)  SEE AN OPTHALMOLOGIST AND MOVE ON FROM THE OPTOMETRIST
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