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I see a pulsing, symmetrical pattern in the center of my vision

only when looking at snow or the sky if I look long enough. It is in both eyes. I have several floaters that have accumulated over the last few years. I do have astigmatism, and probably need a new prescription, given that text is slightly blurry.
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This is not due to needing glasses or glasses RX changing.  It can be a normal entoptic phenomena but you should have an exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist and ideally include at least a macula and nerve fiber layer OCT and Amsler grid testing.
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Thank you for the quick response!
Sure.  I have posted this before but I sometimes see a pulsating light in the central part of my vision.  My eye exam does not account for it. I have a slow pulse and wide 'pulse pressure'  I don't notice it very often but when I do I am usually sitting quietly often looking at my computer screen.
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