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Intraocular lenses and highly Myopic

My Boyfriend has Intraocular lenses and currently his age is 30 and his eye power is -11 and -15. There were few small holes in his eyes lattice but the doctors have fixed those with laser now my question is as the age advances does this eyesight is going to become worse will he be able to find glasses of his vision. He got his cataract surgery done when he was very small around 4-5 years of age and then him and his family did not visit any eye doctor till the very age 28 . Now the doctors say that the intraocular lens has sticked to the eye and is very difficult and risky to replace. I am very worried please advice what should be done. Currently he has now significant issues but we are afraid what will happen when he grows old will surgery be a option still. Doctors have suggested piggyback lenses but they put quite a lot pressure on eyes and eye lattice please suggest what to expect in the long run  
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Your boyfriend has pathologic high myopia.  No one can tell you what will happen to his eyes as he gets older. High myopes have higher rates of glaucoma, retinal detachment,  and myopic macular degeneration.  No one knows the future. The best he can do is live a healthy lifestyle, avoid trauma and contact sports and have a team of capable ophthalmologists. he needs a retina surgeon  and a comprehensive ophthalmologist or anterior segment/cornea/ specialist.   You might ask his ophthalmology team about surface cornea surgery (PPK) or femtosecond laser surgery.  This would not help the health of his eye only reduce the strength of glasses or contact lens he wears.
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Sir your response does scared me a little ,  But I am just curious why the doctor suggested piggyback lenses when there are other options available although I am still reading about  surface cornea surgery (PPK) or femtosecond laser surgery and do not have a good understanding yet , does the IOLs generally  stick to the eye if not followed up regularly with right doctors and right medicines
also Sir I just wanted to ask till what age is femtosecond laser surgery advisable and how much risk is involved
also how come his prescription is so high if he already has IOL
Femosecond laser is used on all ages including children/infants (under anesthesia)    His IOL powers are way off.  Because of his age he could not cooperate with the testing used to determine IOL power,  that technology has improved also in the last 24 years, normally the IOL is put in an adult whole eye has stopped growing (increasing axial length) in pathologic myopia the eye keeps getting longer and longer. Thus the IOL appropriate for age 4 no long works with a much longer eye at age 30.
Thanks you so much for responding , So now if we opt for another surgery to replace the existing IOL with a more precise one how risky is the procedure , is it feasible at all. during his growing up ears and then education and career he was not attentive at all towards his eyes , so now is it safe to get that IOL replaced using Femtosecond laser  
I have narrowed down https://www.practo.com/faridabad/doctor/dr-m-c-jha-orthopedist does his profile seems fit for our case consultation
Since we both are software engineers and sight and vision is our bread and butter so we are a little worried about the affect of our situation on our career , he does fears blindness and have opted to not go for any surgery right now. so he wears thick glasses and is not able to drive
Ophthalmologist NOT orthopedist.  Femtosecond laser would not be used to remove/replace IOL but to do refractive surgery on the cornea to reduce the amount of myopia he has.  How much that could be corrected depends on the present thickness and curviture of the cornea and the instruments available and the skill and experience of the surgeon.  He has a bad problem, he needs the finest of care, a team of ophthalmologists as I have said at least one retinal surgeon and one anterior segment/cornea/refractive surgery specialist.
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