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Micropsia, wavy vision, blurry 8 weeks post vitrectomy, laser with macula off

I had eye injury last fall, ended up in Dec.’20 w/ anterior uveitis (IOP30), treated by local MD who would not discuss IOL for cataracts, son’s company does IOL-equipments for Cataract out West. I’m in WI. Went to another downstate MD they had listed out, said continue drops for 2 weeks and come back in February ‘21 for recheck. I saw my OD to check IOP 4 days before the appt. On the weekend a weird Shadow in Right upper corner appeared, but since seeing on Monday, I would ask. On Monday, no dilation, just the check by the OD who did a very cursory check, asking, “ do you have any questions?”, I replied, “ what about this shadow?” , wiggling my fingers over that area. The tech replied, “ oh, cataracts cause a shadow”, and repeated this. Me, knowing ZERO about this ( I am a cardiac RN), relaxed. They scheduled, tentatively a surgery for IOL cataract 3/1, which was cancelled d/t their issues. Meanwhile, my son’s company’s owner gave me another doc downstate to check with.
Sooo, long story short, 4 weeks later I saw this doc ...the week before vision had “yellowed”, and shadow I had dropped but I did not look for the Zebra in the horses. This doc, on dilation - was HORRIFIED as I had RD with Mac off! I WAS HORRIFIED!!!!!! I take excellent care of these eyes as I lost my hearing in 1996 d/t antibiotics and have a cochlear implant!
So, had surgery 3/24, closer to home, face down for 7 days and nights...but have now 5-10% bubble left, vision in right eye 20/100 WITH glasses( normally wear contacts), but the micropsia, wavy vision, letters/words are awful!!!!
Needless to say, I am beyond words, horrified and yes, MAD that the OD did not even deign to look or hear my words...and my work/career is now in question not to mention all the rest! THe left needs cataract surgery but the Retinal Specialist wants to wait ....meanwhile, I am LEGALLY BLIND d/t the prescription/VA in my eyes...
Is there any chance over time this will improve??????????
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I have a special place in my heart for nurses. My mother and two of my aunts were RNs and that is how I got into medicine. I worked two summers in medical school for Cook County School Medicine. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU CONSULT A MALPRACTICE LAWER TO EVALUATE YOUR CASE AGAINST THE OPTOMETRIST.   It will take about a year to now your final result but rarely does a neglected macula off RD recover completely. Also know your fellow eye is at high risk of RD, as high as 5-10%. I would strongly suggest all your routine care be  by an MD ophthalmologist and you see a retina specialist at least annual. If you have floaters, flashes, loss of field of vision it is a true emergency and see the retina MD or ophthalmologist IMMEDIATELY
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Thank you Dr. Hagen!!! I appreciate your prompt response...yes, I knew floaters, flash of light, but never knew about the innocuous shadow...and I asked....I asked and the OD did not even step in to further clarify , so, yes, I will be researching a ‘case’ as I am beyond horrified and have shed many a tear this past 8 weeks. Yes, I am from a line of RN’s...God Bless....
Best of luck. Remember your most important eye is the one without RD. Protect it from injury, live a healthy lifestyle, have all your care by MD ophthalmologists with at least one a retina specialist.  As related you have a case. Chose your attorney better than you chose your optometrist, get one with special training and expertise in this type of case.
The sad thing is this OD i saw was in an office that the MD did the cataract procedures. Just happened that day I got HIM....!! Listening is SKILL many HCP have forgotten.......
Our practice works with optometrists.  Our whole practice including the staff that answer our phones.  Sudden onset of new floaters, flashes of light, loss of peripheral vision,  history of RD in self or family is a true emergency to be seen the same day, even if on weekend.  Remember for legal purposes if the OD works for the MD the action will go against both. You may need to start looking for a different cataract/general ophthalmologist.
Ohhh, I am looking....in fact, I will not go near that office again and am researching for a malpractice attorney. I had to have laser on this past Monday, May 24 for an posterior tear my Retinal Specialist saw on exam, dang, painful, that laser was painful!!!...and now I am pretty freaked as he mentioned if in two weeks does not go away, he said something about a scleral buckle procedure....my emotions are a mess right now....
I'm sure they are, this is brutal surgery and desperate problem. There are many posts about your problem and extended discussions which you can find using the "Search" feature.   You can ask your retina surgeon about a good General Ophthalmologist that you could see for non-retina problems.  Most retina surgeons do not do comprehensive care. You might also tell your retina surgeon NOT to send reports to your previous ophthalmologist that dropped the ball on your RD.  Send reports to your new comprehensive ophthalmologist.
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