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Myopia complications ?

Am -10 myopic and it’s been like that for 10 years now my oct shows a central thickness of 261 and average thickness of 255 and volume of 7.2 ...i had a PVD last year with no complications ...am I in danger for having myopic degeneration ?
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Yes, you have high myopia and that risk will be with you all your life as also increased risk glaucoma and retinal detachment.  
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To qualify  the risk of NOT getting these problems is much higher than getting them, it's just higher relative to the non-high myopic eye.
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So what should I do like getting my eyes tested every year and living a healthy life which am doing and besides am taking some dietary supplements to keep my eyes healthy
See an Eye MD ophthalmologist every year.  Have a baseline macular and nerve fiber layer OCT done. Live a healthy lifestyle and protect you eye from trauma.
I have some kind of distortion to the bottom of my center of vision I did a dilated eye test and oct angiography and all was normal my doctor told me it’s my vitreous that shrinked like a necklace in front of the iris ...could be the case ?
Distortion due to PVD will MOVE when the eye moves. If it is always in one spot and doesn't move, especially if in the center of your vision that is not characteristic of PVD. You should discuss this with your eye MD.
Its nor in the center but below it and vision acuity is 20/20 and my oct angiography was normal so my MD says that nothing is wrong but still no justification for what I have...any suggestion for further tests to be done
Does it move or always in same position
No I think it’s in the same place but it’s not like black patch it’s gray transparent and whenever I go to light I see flashes in the same position
I would say you have several options depending on how much time or money you want to spend:  1. watchful waiting, see the Eye MD you are seeing at least once/year  and if something new develops go in sooner.  2. get a second opinion from a different retina doctor.  3.  see a neuro-ophthalmologist who deal in difficult diagnosis problems.    No way from what you describe can I tell you what the problem is.
Ok I think I will see another retina doctor but I have a question does OCT angiography shows all retinal issues or just macula issues
No test shows 'all eye problems' if it did that would be the only test we would do.  OCTA does not even show 'all' macular problems
Another question doctor which is better for diagnose flourascen angiography or OCT angiography ?
OCTA is a new technique.  FA has been the gold standard for decades.   FA lets the eye MD see the whole retina  OCTA only the macula. So both are useful  FA is the standard and much more comprehensive test.
Thanks Doctor for ur reply am schedualed tomorrow for FA , while today I went to make a dilated eye test and whenever he lighted my eye I could see the patch reflection on the light but my doctor didn’t say anything about it ...so whatever I see he should see it right or what !!!
No sometimes people see things the eye MD cannot see.
Just to update doctor I did my flourascen angiography today it came normal and they just told me it’s probably the vitreous thing I don’t know what test to do more ?!
Have you had a visual field test?  If you have I've told you all I can.
I think they did that too and dont know what to do more i will wait and keep.monitoring my symptoms
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