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Potential causes of bulging eye

Hello! I'd like to ask what can cause a bulging eye, besides TED and a space occupying mass in the orbit? I don't want to know all the causes, I imagine there could be many, but TED and cancer have been excluded and I'm still trying to understand what is causing it.
Can the eye muscles get inflamed without no reason? Or can the eyeball ITSELF get bigger? Also, can you develop TED when you have a normal functioning thyroid or you actually have an under-active thyroid?

Thank you!
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This is the third question you have asked about the same problem.   1. besides thyroid eye disease (TED) and  space occupying tumors the next most common problem would be orbital inflammatory 'pseudo-tumor'    2. No the eye muscles don't get inflammed without a cause.  3. No the eye only gets larger in infants and children. In adults the sclera is rigid and won't enlarge like the soft, rubber like sclera of youth.    Graves Diease with exophthalmos can be very difficult to diagnosis and 'regular' thyroid studies can be normal.  You really need to discuss this with your  physicians.  These cases are so unique that I can't generalize anymore.
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Thank you for your response and I'm sorry that I keep asking. I spoke to my GP and I'm getting a referral to the Eye Clinic.
Be sure you see Eye MD ophthalmologist.   If possible go to one that specializes in "oculoplastic surgery" they are the experts on eye socket problems.
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