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Quick worsening of distance vision after near work with full correction

This is a sort of update to a question I asked here recently.

I got a full correction with whom I see 20/20 with both eyes. When wearing it my vision is blurrier up close but that is to be expected (for years I was wearing a weaker correction).

For a week I didn't really do anything that required near vision (during computer work I have my monitors outside of arm length at the workplace, no computer work at home). Vision was exquisite.

However, last weekend I worked at home for a day where I had to sit close to my monitor (bit closer than arm length). At first it was bad, but during the hours I got used to it and my near vision became sharp with this full correction.

This day however I noticed that my distance vision became blurrier. It happened a day after I 'learned' to see up close.

I require some insight on this as this doesn't make sense to me. I plan to have a refractive surgery but do I have to have my eye lenses replaced too or what?
Male, twenties, rx around -6 Dsph, -3 Dcyl, single focus glasses. No injury or medications taken, glasses isn't damaged.
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Because you are so young your true glasses RX should be done after your pupils are dilated with a 'cycloplegic' eye drops. Only way to determine true amount of myopia in young person.   If you have lasik/SMILE surgery it is based on full cycloplegic RX.  You do not need to have your natural lens removed. that is a totally different operation (clear lens extraction or refractive lens exchange) and carries a much higher risk of infection, bleeding, retinal detachment plus you instantly age your eye and need reading glasses.  Very bad thing to do in my opinion.
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Thank you for the answer. Noone I know (same age as me) have had prescribed glasses with dilated pupils but for them it seem to work well.
What suprised me that as soon as I got used to seeing up close with the glasses my distance vision deteriorated slightly but instantly. That is why I feared there is something wrong with my lenses.
Have you seen anything like the one I described?
Also, is there a test for eye lens refraction? I got a comprehensive eye exam (dilated, slit lamp, eye pressure, oct) but everything is in order.
Have no idea where you live, or who you have been seeing but almost all ophthalmologists do glasses testing on people under 30 AFTER the pupils are dilated. I see patients all the time from commercial optical complaining of eye pain, headaches, blurred vision, trouble reading etc and the glasses are way too strong because they were tested without dilation.   A refraction is when they have you look through the instrument asking which is clearer 1 or 2 and generate a glasses RX.
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