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Should I be treated for glaucoma


I tend to be a worrier but for the last 3 years when I go
to my eye doctor she says that my pressures are ok,
field vision test is good but my optic nerves are somewhat
enlarged (she saw this on an OCT).  She says I am only a
glaucoma suspect.  Do you agree or do you think I should be
on eyedrops?  My vision has remained very close to the same
for each visit with no change at all this last year. Right now
I am only seeing her once a year.  Thank you for any input.
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There is no way I can make a recommendation.  I have not seen your records.  If you are that concerned get a second opinion.

Dr. O.
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I did get a second opinion and he agreed that I am a
glaucoma suspect due to enlarged optic nerve but other
than that my field vision test are good and pressures are
good.  Is it normal to treat glaucoma with only an
enlarged nerve or do I wait until more symptons arise
such as higher pressures or a bad field vision test?  I
am worried bec I dont want to wait until more problems arise
before seeking treatment but both drs seemed to think
I was ok now without any drops.  As I said I am a
worrier but would you treat someone with an enlarged
optic nerve if they didnt have any other symptons?  

Thank you,
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I have the same diagnosis.  Glaucoma Suspect.  Pressures were normal.  Vision was 20/20.
Doc says come back often and be tested.  LOL  No drops ever prescribed.   I should have kept quiet about my grandmother "maybe' having had glaucoma.

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That is an excellent question....I am in the same situation.  I'm wondering if your visual fields continue to test normal and your optic nerves don't change over time (I'm assuming pictures were taken to get a baseline of your optic nerve), will it eventually be determined that your enlarged optic nerves are physiological rather than pathological?  Or will you be considered a "glaucoma suspect" the rest of your life?  I've done enough research to learn that optic nerves come in different sizes....just because someone has enlarged nerves doesn't mean it's not normal for them.  Is there a way to determine physiology rather than pathology?
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According to my doctor my optic nerve and field vision tests
along with my eyesight have not changed over the last few
years but she still considers me a glaucoma suspect.  She
does not think I need any treatment at this point but wants
me to come back yearly.  She did say that even though
my optic nerve appears enlarged that it could be normal for
me since it hasnt changed in the last few years.  Since I
am such a worrier I am going for a second opinion on Monday.

best wishes
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Hi starr363, Please post what the second doctor says.  I am in the exact same situation as you.  My pressures are normal; I haven't had my visual field test yet (that's in 2 weeks, but I did take a test online and passed), and I'm a worrier just as you are.  It's reassuring to know that large optic nerves don't immediately point to glaucoma.
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The seond doctor confirmed that I am a glaucoma suspect bec I have
one of the symptons (enlarged optic nerve) but he said you need at least
two symptons to be considered to have glaucoma.  He also said that since
my optic nerves havent changed over the last few years it could be that
that size was normal for me even though it is larger than what is considered
normal.  I am 48 by the way.  Best wishes to you,

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