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Tiny blisters

I have tiny blisters under the lash line of both my eyes.  They are clustered, but very small, and run directly under and along the lash line.  They do not appear to have fluid in them, and when I touched them with a q-tip, they did not hurt.  Is this simply an allergic reaction to something?  
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Could be the start of blepharitis.  Stop wearing mascara for a while (and buy a different brand).  Never go to bed without washing your face, and otherwise be scrupulous with your eye hygiene, washing your eyes with a hot, clean facecloth at least twice a day.  It may just go away.  If it doesn't, you'll have to wash those eyes at least four times a day.  If you are under unusual stress, chill out!
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Too little details.  I would suggest you see an ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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