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What does the Weiss ring in my eye mean?

In September of 2015 I noticed many floaters in my left eye. Didn’t think anything of it. Had a regular eye check in December and eye dr. did not say anything was wrong. However over the coming months my vision in my left eye became really weird. I went to see another eye dr. Who sent me to an ophthalmologist. Who diagnosed me with epiretinal membrane. I had surgery to remove it, but after it turned out I still had not good vision because I had blood in my eye. So a week later a vitrectomy to take the blood out. Weeks later after a check up, it turns out I had cataract. I was only 49 then. In March 2017 I had cataract surgery and because of the lens becoming blurry I had YAG laser treatment in August of 2020. Now I see white dots in my (left eye) vision with a black circle around it. I think they might be Weiss rings? I am just hoping someone who is knowledgeable can tell me if I need to see the eye dr or not?
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Be sure you understand your other eye (RE) is at high risk for these problems. It is not a Weiss Ring. Since you had a vitrectomy (which causes cataracts) the  possibility of Weiss ring is not there. You may have residual old blood or vitreous membrane in your eye. You should discuss with your retinal surgeon. You eye care should be entirely by ophthalmologists and you ideally would see a retina eye MD yearly.
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Thank you for your answer. I know my right eye is at risk as well. It was one of the reasons the retina surgeon and I decided not to put an implant lens in that eye to make the difference between both eyes less. My left side is D-0.25, cyl/axis-0.75 180 right eye is -5.50 bc 8.5. I wear (daily) contacts and also wear glasses for reading.
I don’t see the floaters every day they come and they go. Most times there is one big black circle and two smaller ones.
I don’t see the specialist on a regular basis since they have a shortage in doctors here, and there are long waiting lists.
Could blood or vitreous membrane stay that long in your eye after you had the surgeries done? And how come I don’t see it all the time? I am so worried about retina detachment. My eyes are so important. But because my dr. is so busy I try to find out if I need to make an appointment or not....
Blood in the eye sometimes reabsorbs and sometimes doesn't. If a lot of blood often hangs around and has to be removed by vitrectomy. Vitreous membranes are not reabsorbed. If large and in the visual axis they also often require vitrectomy. Both blood and vitreous membranes and floaters often move around and sometimes can be seen and some times can't.  Floaters, blood and vitreous membranes also are sometimes ignored by the brain and the person 'doesn't' see them, at other times the person obsesses on the floaters/blood/membrane and they are visible most of the time.   You can plan ahead for an annual retina exam by your retina specialist.  A local optometrist is not a substitute for a ophthalmologist Eye MD especially a retina trained one.
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