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What is the reason for my retracted eyelid?

I have a retracted upper eyelid on the right eye. I have had blood tests which show normal thyroid function but a vit d3 defiecency. The eyelid goes back to normal when outdoors or in bright light but is retracted the rest of the time? Is this likely to be Graves? Or a tumour? Would it Un retract if this was the cause. Eye test showed no vision problems or eye damage. Any help much appreciated as I am really worried.
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It could be a difficult to diagnose Grave's disease.  On the other hand sometimes its that the other eye lid is too low (ptosis) and there are may causes of that.  You would need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon to work through the various causes and if appropriate treatment.
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Thanks. I have an appointment to see an ophthalmologist but it’s not for 2 weeks and the worry is driving me to distraction. Can ptosis of one lid cause the other to open so much you can see the scelera above it? In bright light outdoors it looks fine. Does that happen with graves? . Thanks again for taking the time to reply. It means a lot.
If you see white sclera at 12 oclock superior cornea its usually eyelid retraction. (this on the eye that looks higher).  In bright light you squint to protect the eye and the retraction is overcome by the contraction move by the closing eye muscle (obicularis oculi)  You will just need to see what the ophthalmologist says.  By far most common cause of eyelid retraction is hyperthyroidism which often does not show up in simple basic thyroid tests.
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