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What is vision like with Monovision Monofocal IOLs?

For those who have had surgery, what is it like to have monovision monofocal IOLs?  I am 29 and developed cataracts, so I have no idea what presbyopia is like.

I am considering getting monofocal IOLS set at plano and -1.50 .  What is the range of clear vision?  what do objects look like at 8 inches form your face? 12 inches? 16 inches?  Very blurry? can you see your hand clearly?.  What about intermediate vision, or how about 5 or 10 feet away?  My surgeon seemed to indicate I wouldnt see much of anything outisde a very small range of vision.

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Hi thanks for your response.  I am considering using mulitfocal contact lenses is I need further correction, which I probably will need, I read quite a lot, and enjoy looking at objects in museums.  Do you think that is a good strategy to rely on?

I am considering the Crystalens, but it lacks uv protection, which is a concern if they are going to be in my eyes for the next 60+ years.  I could always wear uv protected contact lenses or clear glasses with a uv coating.

At the surgeon I saw, he told me I had 1.6 D of corneal astigmatism in one eye and .9 in the other, which was a big surprise since I dont have any astigmatism now (my natural lens apparently compensates for it).  He said that limbal relaxing incisions are not that succesful on young patients, so it looks like ill have to wear some astigmatism correcting glasses or contacts after surgery.  What is your experice with LRI and young patients?

I am also considering a Nanoflex lens, which apparently can provide reading vision with the monovision correction I mentioned above, but I do not know the long term performance of this lens.

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It really depends on the individual.  The numbers recommended are good.  However, I do not believe you will be able to read print.  I would suggest Crystalens with the near eye set at about -1.00.  This should give you a complete range of vision.

Dr. O.

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