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White, stringy mucous in eye?

I've had this for the past four years. From the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep I have this irritating mucous sitting in my eyes. All I have to do is blink and it gets stuck in my eyelashes. It's not ideal. I wash my face regularly and manage to get it out, but half an hour later it is back. It is clear, sometimes white, and black if I wear eye makeup. I do not wear contacts and my makeup is hypoallergenic. What is it? What causes it? How do I prevent it?
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Read This Immediately!!!!! Hello, my name is Robert S. White, I am 48 years old and I am writing this message to anyone with stringy mucous eyes issues. I fought this battle for a little over 4 years and just thought that this was going to be a part of my life forever. I had gone to so many doctors and all of them kept feeding a line of CRAP, because they had no idea. They just kept saying things like If you keep your fingers out of your eyes it will go away (Eye Fishing Syndrome)…………………..Bullcrap! I wouldn’t have put my fingers in my eyes if there was nothing there! I know you want the answer like right now, but I want to explain what happened, I swear I have nothing to sell or push by the way, this is only information and hopefully something that will help if you suffer from this horrible affliction. So, about 3 months ago, I decided to go to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL., I explained everything to the doctor and he was the only one that told me that I was having an allergic reaction and that I was probably going to have to figure this out myself because the cost of being tested for everything on the planet was just not feasible. So, 3 weeks ago (Today is the 17th of April, 2017)I went on vacation to Universal Studios with my brother and I noticed the day after I arrived that my eyesight improved slightly and wasn’t as irritated as normal, I didn’t think too much about it until the next day when they were even better. After the 4th day, my eyesight was great and I was elated as much the stringy eye goo had dissipated. So, I finished the vacation and got back home and within 2 hours of getting home my eyes were on the fritz, so, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what was different and the only thing that I could come up with was that I remembered that I had forgotten my cologne when I went to Orlando. As an experiment I did not use my cologne (Curve), the next day. What do you know, my eyes got better, after 3 or 4 days my stringy eye goo had slowed tremendously. After a couple of weeks I had expected it to go away completely but I still had some going on, so, I decided to do a little more digging (Pun intended) and started to do research on the ingredients in the Curve cologne, it turns out that there are lots of chemicals in the cologne, one in particular, Propylene Glycol (PPG), seemed to be affecting many other people as well, I got to looking at my other products in my cabinet that I use and what do you know, my hair gel (L.A. Looks), my underarm deodorant (Degree), and many other products that I use have this chemical in it. I have since stopped using any products that have PPG in it which unfortunately makes my life more complicated because these products that do not have PPG’s is more expensive. So, to put all of this in a nutshell, I do not know if this is your problem, but like me it may turn out that you are having an allergic reaction to some product that you are using and it just may be the PPG additive in these products. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I truly hope this will help someone else and may solve your eye mystery. P.S. When I stopped using products with the PPG I also had some other added benefits that I didn’t even know were going to happen, I had a strange rash on my chest that went away (Right where I was spraying the cologne), my joints feel so much better (I was told because I had inflammation from my body trying to fight PPG in my body), I also had excruciating pain in my feet (Also because of the inflammation), if I have helped a single person it will make me feel so happy, Have a nice day.
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