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can i have a argon laser trabeculoplasty if my eye pressure is 39 or higher

my eye doctor wants to do a xen gel stent on my right eye which had a pressure of 39.can a argon laser trabeculoplasty or another type of treatment be done besides the stent
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With a pressure that high you should be on a variety of medications: something like travaprost, generic co-sopt, the new Vyzultra, if you can take it a beta blocker.  What meds are you on?

Now for the second part of your question a laser trabeculoplasty will not lower the pressure 19-20 points but it is much less risky and much less expensive than a gel stent.  PLEASE LIST WHAT EYE DROPS YOU ARE ON AND WHICH ONES YOU HAVE TRIED THAT DIDN'T WORK.    

Also the decision to do laser first or gel stent depends on how much damage there is to your eye. If you  have severe glaucoma and lost of damage to your optic nerve, bad looking visual fields and bad nerve fiber layer OCT than going to the stent would be appropriate.
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I'm on generic cosopt and recently started xelpros.i was on generic xalatan for years and he took me off that and put me on the xelpros
You are on 3 very strong glaucoma medicines and your IOP is 39 then likely you need to go on to Gel stent or surgical procedure. Especially if you have moderate or severe damage already.
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