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error in eyeglass lenses

I went to LensCrafters to get my glasses redone after having a second eye exam within a week of the first.  My left eye is -2.75-.50x030.  My right eye is -1.50-.50x125.  I had the second eye exam because the vision in my left eye did not seem as sharp as the right in the original prescription.  My right eye still feels sharp with the new prescription (the doctor increased it from -2.25 in my left and -1.25 in my right), but the left eye still feels off.

I slightly moved my head/eyes when the technician at LensCrafters took a picture with the frames on to get the lenses for the glasses correct, could this possibly affect the outcome of the glasses?  I don't know if the picture was taken right before I moved my head or during/after.  I don't know why I didn't ask for the the picture to be retaken.

Could it also just be the difference in prescription strength between the two eyes and I just need to adjust?  It has only been a day.
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It doesn't matter what caused the negative outcome. The bottom line is that if your glasses are not good now, there is a good chance that they won't be any better later on. In addition, the end product in terms of "rightness" and quality varies greatly from one lab to the next. At least I have found this to be true in the many many years that I am wearing glasses.  Most eye care places have a guarantee to remake your glasses if they don't work for you. The trick is that you have to bring them back sooner rather than later.  They may also suggest that you make another trip to the eye doctor to make sure that the prescription was right for you from the beginning.

Based on too many negative experiences with many of the chain labs-provided we are allowed to say this- the absolute best glasses that I have ever had made at the best prices (here in the US), have come from Costco's optical center. It is now the only place that I will trust to make my glasses. They have also consistently had the lowest prices for contact lenses.
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Your eye doctor's staff can quickly and easily check your new glasses to see if they match your prescription.  
If they don't, return them to LensCrafters  and get a new pair, or your money back.  Your choice.
There is a reason they have earned their nick-name "Lens-Shafters".
I agree with EyeSeeStars, and would also suggest a Walmart Eye Center for glasses.
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