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Thanks  for your response to my question re "relaxing incision".  I had a 2nd opinion at the same clinic where I had the cataract surgery. My surgeon did not want to see me again after the 3 wk. post op visit until I was ready to do the right eye surgery.  I was not happy with the results of the Restor Lens and sought a 2nd opinion with the head of the dept., world renowned doctor.  He said give it more time - I did, but no visual improvement of any kind.  He did tell me that I had mild corneal astigmatism, so I am assuming that the relaxing incision @ 33 degrees done with the surgery didn't help any.  My doctor now wants to do Yag and PRK.  I am "gun shy" because I fear that even after all that, my vision may still not be improved.  Once I have Yag, I'm stuck with that lens.  Is there a possibility that the power is not correct?  If so, the correct power right from the start would have been wonderful!

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It's very difficult to get the power exact 100% of the time. Using the most advanced technology the selection of the correct ReStor power is at best 91%. With that said, does the refraction (glasses check) improve your vision? If so, then PRK will probably reduce any final need for glasses and improve your vision. If glasses or PRK will help, then I think it's fine to proceed with yag, but if you are not completely sure, or if your doctor can not assure that glasses or prk would improve vision, then hold off on the yag and consider IOL exchange. I bet yag and prk will make the solution for you.
Good luck!

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