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hello everyone...my name is nilesh kolte i am 20 years old i am from India i had 2 surgeries 1st is silcon oil and 2nd is gas bubble 2years completed for surgeries but my vision is not comeback i have blurry vision my doctor said i have laser marks on peripheral and epimacular proliferation and chronic trd at macula can my vision will be back any treatment for that?
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That is a very difficult problem and it is not possible to generalize after that type of surgery as we do after routine cataract/IOL surgery. You would need to get one or two independent  alternative opinions from different retina Eye MD ophthalmologists.  NOTE: Your most important eye is the other eye. Protect it from injury and the effects of unhealthy living. See an Eye MD every year maybe 2 a comprehensive ophthalmologist and an retina surgeon Eye MD.   Always think eye protection and safety.  Do not smoke or drink a lot of alcohol. Eat a good diet and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise in moderation. Have a family physician that you also see at least yearly.
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actually 2 years back i had retina infection and my whole vision is gone but after that surgery my blurry vision is come my center vision is dark blur but my peripheral vision is light blur my ms retina specialist told mi that i cant see like my before clear vision so sir tell mi that there is any treatment is available for that type of condition?
As I said no way I can tell from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. You would need to get other opinions from distinguished retina surgeons you can reach from where you live. Prognosis is guarded and most cases cannot be helped much. Most important thing protect good eye.
thank you sir for ur response.
Best of luck
sir i have one question that my disease is rp or not?
You will have to be more specific and one reasons we try and avoid abbreviations or acronyms.   rp could be 1. retinitis pigmentosa  2. retinal proliferation   you also used trd which I assume is traction retinal detachment at macula.

So clarify the RP means to us in this context.    Your problem does not at all sound like retinitis pigmentosa and if it was, which I doubt, the retina surgeon should have told you as it has implications that are possibly genetic.  Your problem sounds like complications from retinal detachment surgery.
thank you sir for clarifying my daugts
sure. get independent opinion
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please anyone suggest mi a very good experience dr for retina in india
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I don't know any by name by you want an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in retina/vitreous/macula.  A medical school department of ophthalmology is always a good way to go
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