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flashing lights!!!

Hi, for about 2 weeks now i have been experiencing flashing lights. Before these flashing lights I had a few headaches, a bit of nausea and some eye pain when moving my eyes.
At first, the lights were lightning bolt shaped or shimmery, then divulged into white, 'camera' flashes. They ONLY occurred when moving my eye up/to the side quickly, and in the dark were they only visible. Then back to shimmery lights over the past weeks. However, these past few days, the lights only appear in my right eye, in the dark, when moving it to the extreme right. It's like a rectangular blobby kind of shape, it's white and pulsates/flickers. It disappears/diminishes if i continue looking to the right, then if i stop, and look to the right again, it appears again.
I have had my eyes checked thoroughly. my retinas appear fine. I've had no other symptoms e.g. increase in floaters, curtain. On occasions I get a headache, but they don't appear to be linked to these flashes.
Things worth mentioning:
-Had optic neuritis 5 years ago. Since cleared up (i took steroids for it)
-i have severe anxiety, especially health anxiety.
-I am going to have my eyes checked out by a second ophthalmologist in early October
-the flashes beginning coincided with me starting school again. I am fairly stressed at the moment (doing A Levels)

any suggestions?
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If you saw an ophthalmologist and your eye exam was normal then I would suggest you keep the apt with the second ophthalmologist for a 2nd opinion but also see either your personal MD or your neurologist as some people that have optic neuritis later develop multiple sclerosis and also migraine syndromes could cause your symptoms

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So i am correct in thinking if it were a retinal problem, the ophthalmologist would've seen something, and also something would've happened already?
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I can't say that for certain and the best person to ask would be the first ophthalmologist that examined your eyes.

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