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left eye spasms

I have had eye spasms in my left eye for 11+ years and have been tested for many eye deseases that always come back negative. My left eye and surrounding muscles seem to have a mind of its own and blink, rotate and stretch whenever it feels appropriate. Often times I don't even know it happens until someone points it out. Sometime I can feel how dry my eye is behind the eye ball and on those days the spasms are worse. I have noticed caffiene and dehydration make it worse. I have also had left leg pain for 11+ years (started about the same time).  

Can anyone help me? Give me ideas of how to treat this (it is embarrasing and painful). Any ideas what it may be?  Any ideas would be appreciated. I have been to many doctors.
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You sound as though one of your problems is blepharospasm. See an oculoplastic eye MD. Find one in the USA at www.aao.org

The current treatment for this is titrated botox injections. These are usually covered by you health insurance.

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Hey, I had something similiar to this, and the answer , I think is so simple it is funny. My eye would spasm, twitch, for no apparant reason, and I did go to eye doctor. It was finally picked up by female eye doctor, different doctor, same practice, guess what it was ???
My eyelashes were growing , curling into my eye. I couldn't see it. The lashes were poking me in the eye and my eyes were twitching in response.. Just when you think you are a total mess, with perseverance, you can see the body is actually a healthy working, restorative machine, sometimes.
She pulled the lashed out with tweezers. She repeated it once more. I dealt with that for a few years, also.
I had severe back injury that was mistreated and resulted in neck and back pinched nerves. When I treat the neck, the rest of the body is usually helped. Although generally the neck and legs are usually separate. I used chiropractor, and botox injections for nerve pain,muscle relaxation. Botox administered by licensed, experienced pain management specialist.
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