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10 fertilized eggs!

Hi all,  just got the "call"...out of 19 eggs, 10 were mature (I seem to have a problem with not all of my eggs maturing)...anyway, 10 were mature and using ICSI, 10 fertilized.  This is significantly better than last time (18 eggs retrieved, only 4 fertilzied)  they will let me know tomorrow if we're doing a 3 or 5 day transfer....oh please please please let this be the time!  this is my 2nd IVF attempt and I did IUI about 6 times.  I am ready to finally be a mom!!

let me know if anyone else is in my boat.
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Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the lab called yesterday...9 of the ten little buggers are "cleaving beautifully"....they're supposed to call tomorrow with a tranfer time for Monday...I hope they all make it but I know that realistically we might get dropoff.

I will keep you posted!  Baby Dust to you all!!!!!!!
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Andrea this is a great result. Remember i had 17 eggs retrieved and only 6 were good enough to icsi. 4 made it to blast. Your numbers look fantastic and i am praying the days fly for you and you get the bestest news soon!
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omg!! We are just talking about this the other day!!! So happy for you girl!!! Let me know asap about your BFP!!!
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Good Luck! You,deserve it..Hope all goes well and soon you will be a mom!
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GOOD LUCK!! I wish you the best, that is great news. :o)
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When I did my first IVF after 2 failed IUI's they retrieved 19 eggs and I think 10 also fertilized just like you. But by the fourth day we were down to just one as the other two that had looked really good too on day 3 were not anymore. I couldn't believe it as I was so proud of 19 eggs retrievel and was hoping to freeze some for later but no only one survived and looked strong. This was transfered on day 5 and I now have a son.

It just goes to show you only need 1 good egg.

If I was doing IVF again which I may have to soon then I want to do a transfer on day 5. It gives the eggs more time to grow and they can rule out the weaker ones.That is what they told me at the time. But then again I am not an expert and they most have reasons for doing transfers on day 3 as well.

I wish you all the luck in the world. It will happen!
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Best of luck to you!!!
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