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1st Beta HCG was 1,036

I was told I was "so very pregnant", with a beta over a 1K. What does this mean and has it happened to anyone else?
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  My levels went from 112 on 1st day of testing to 1314 on day 6... I was told Very Pregnant also!  CONGRATULATIONS!
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Thanks ladies.  I thought my levels were a bit high, which was causing me some concern so no I feel a bit better.  
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It depends on what day after what procedure!
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My beta was14dp3dt.  
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that's excellent! congrats :)
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Are you concerned that the high beta might be a sign of multiples?

I tried to research this online for you, but it seems that there is a huge variation of HCG levels between different people, and what is normal for one person may not be normal for another.

When will you be going back for another test?
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WOW!!! That is VERY pregnant! A very good healthy sign :)  Congrats!
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When I got pregnant with five with an IUI a few years ago, my first beta, which was 14dpiui was 484 and I had five.  I think that your test was done a few days after mine so the numjbers would double.  i know my second number was over 1000.  This is good news though!  Congratulations!
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Oh my....pregnant w/ five?!!!  How many children did you end up having?  I only had 3 embroys implanted.
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I got pregnant with an IUI...I had to reduce to one since I have a small uterus.
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my beta at 10 days post 3 day transfer was 900 some with twins
on day 12 it was around 3 thousand

with my singleton it was over a thousand at day 14 also!

so -  good luck
and post us an update after the heartbeat u/s
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This is my first try at IVF. I had a my first beta test yesterday on day 14 after a 5day FET (fertilized by ICSI). I only had one embryo put back in. My beta number was over 1,000 something. I don't think I was paying attention to the number all the way since I didn't really understand it. It wasn't until the nurse told me she didn't want me to look too much into that number. When I asked what she meant she said she didn't want me to worry if I went online. So what is the first thing I did? I went online and started researching what my number meant. It is SO high!!! I am a little freaked out right now. I emailed my Doc and he told me not to worry too much. Twins could be a reason for the high levels and that other reasons are so rare he didn't want me worrying about it. I starting feeling what I assumed were pregnancy symptoms about 4 days after the transfer. I have felt like I have a hangover 24/7 since then. Could my high level explain this? And has anybody else had symptoms so early after their transfer? Has any body else had this high and number and what were their results? All thoughts appreciated! I go in for my second blood test tomorrow.....
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I know that it is hard but try not to worry or think about it.  It sounds positive. I had my blood test done a few days after my ivf because I was experiencing so many horrible symptoms and my stomach ballooned up.  My numbers were also very high. It turned out that I had ovarian hyperstimulation. However, I wasn't worried and very excited.

Today, I have 2 beautiful twin girls that are 15 months old.

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