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41 y.o TTC with a fibroid

I'm 41 years old. This February I had a laproscopic procedure to remove a dermoid cyst and a D &C to
remove a polyp. My doctor check my tubes as well and everything was good. Turns out the uterine polyp was actually a fibroid.  My doctor says he scrapped  half of it out and there's a small piece left. I have a fibroid on the outside of my uterus that has enlarged since my surgery and the doc attributes it being inflamed from the procedures. Does this sound logical, or  do I need to find another doctor? He did recommend I see a fertility specialist and the first available
appointment I could get was in April. With this small piece of fibroid left will it still be difficult for me to conceive
and carry a pregnancy to term? What are my options?
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Hi MC...

Hope all will be well. Was the fibroid on the inside? I had full Myo surg (fibs removed) and will still be able to carry. Mines were on the outside...hence the reason no problems within the cavity.

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I also actually have a uterine fibroid. My husband and I are in the process of doing IVF. When my RE found it, he thought I would have to get it removed before IVF. But after my MRI, he said that it is small enough to where it won't cause any problems. Do you know how big yours is? Also, because it has changed in growth I think you should probably get it removed before TTC. Good luck to you! I hope you get the information you are looking for during you app. with the fertility specialist.
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