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Can Clomid Help if You Already Ovulate?

Can Clomid give you a boost in conceiving even if you already ovulate every month and have regular menses? I heard sometimes Clomid creates more than one egg a month, so this can up your chances of getting pregnant no matter if you normally ovulate or not. Does anyone think that Clomid could still be helpful for someone who ovulates, but is just taking over a year to conceive? Thanks!
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it can but you need to be watched when you take it.   your only supposed to take it so many times before it has a negative effect.   if it has been a year i would talk to your dr.   maybe something else is causing an issue for you
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Clomid does do that but you have to be careful when you take it and how long you take it. I did clomid almost three years ago and conceived my son. We wanted to have another one but I ovulate  regularly but the problem was making surd when he does inside of me stats in and falls in to make sure weake a baby..
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Sorry make a baby...Typing way to fast today.
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im on Clomid this my second round on praying it did his job this round ughhhh
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Thanks for all the feedback!

When you say that Clomid can have a negative effect after a few months, what does this mean? Do you become less fertile?

Also, if after taking Clomid for a few months and no positive results, have any of you gone back on it after a break? Usually, how long did you wait?  
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