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Clomid, pain on cd 16 but still no LH surge

Hello ladies,
I'm on 50mg of clomid days 3 to 7 and today is cd 16. I tested last night with a digital ovulation predictor kit and still nothing but I have real bad pain down there and i think i'll be ovulating soon....I feel like my ovaries are about to just fall out of me...they feel heavy.

I think i have a cervical mucus problem because it's not stretchy like it should be :-( It's watery and cloudy.  I've been taking primrose oil and vitamin e capsules this month.
Is it too late to take guaifenesin as well?
I have it in a syrup...how much should i be taking?

Just to update you a bit for those who know me, my dh got his sperm tested and we discovered that he has motility (slow + fast) at 56% and only 16% normal spermies (84% abnormal) so this could definately be a factor along with our loss to justify why up until today (after a year) we still are ttc'ing. His over all quantity is 134million so that is a relief i guess once you do the mathematical calculation...there are about 20million left over ;-)

We are also doing all of the blood work to prep us for an IUI. I found a center here in milan that is covered by our ohip system and the gyn there is super nice so we're quite happy about being 'taken care of'.

If all goes well, my next cycle will be a much more 'aimed' shot at getting prego!

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I while back I worked in a call center for opks and such. There are a few things to consider. First, they are designed to detect your LH surge and (we said) ovulate within 36 hours. There are definitely situations where the surge is less than 24 hours, so 2 tests daily is advised. For the most part we recommended testing the same time each day with atleast 4 hour urine. I know with the monitor, clomid might show more "high" days than clomid-less cycles, and that sometimes blocked the "peak" level until the second clomid cycle using the monitor. Because opks don't look for estrogen, I doubt this senario was the case. Its hard if you have short cycles because of being torn between not knowing if you had a surge, and debating if you want to use an extra test that is kind of expensive. Hope this helps... I usually talk in circles, so just let me know if clarification is needed on my babble! :)
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Great thanks!
I took one on monday evening (cd 14) around 7.30 pm and at around the same time last night. I should have tried this morning but i didn't want to waist a test :-)
I'll do one as soon as i get home at around 7.30 pm.

I remember last month when i had this kind of pain that same day my opk was negative and the day after positive so i hope for a positive tonight.

Another question: opk's can tell when the LH Surge happens right?
So that means that ovulation should take place anywhere between 12 and 48 hours right?
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What time do you take your opk? do you do more than 1 per day? I do mine after 10am but before3 pm, on cd13 i took a opk at 11am it was neg but at around 7pm same day took another and it was pos, the next day at 11am did another and it was neg. if i wouldnt have taken that extra opk the night before i would have never caught my surge. So i think when you you know your getting close, maybe do more than 1 per day. good luck....SSBD
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