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Fermara IUI first time

I have just had iui on the 11th of September. There are so many conflicting stories out there and my question is that how long after iui did anyone have systoms of pregnancy and where actually pregnant. I am only due for a blood test on the 25th as the doc wants me to come in as soon as I find out I am pregnant to get check all my bloods and hormone levels.
A bit of history… We have been trying for 19 months now after our first miscarriage at 8 weeks. The second happened again at 5.5 weeks. My doc thought it was to progesterone levels but wasn’t sure and didn’t seem to be proactive, so i decided to change doctors.

My new doc did all sorts of tests on both of us and other than having pcos, there is no reason to not falling pregnant.
I use to have 28 day cycles and then on to 30 days and up to 40 days. The doc controlled these with hormones. I have done 2 cycles of colmid and was then moced onto  the newest cycle of fermera (sp) with the iui due to the clomid thinning the linnng out too much.
I hope I am pregnant and that this tiredness is not something else like me been sick.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s very had to keep getting negative results and when you do get a positive one worry continuously about the pregnancy.
Fingers crossed and 7 more sleeps till I can have a blood test..
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I was also on fermara from the 3CD (cycle day) for 5 days. Twice a day. CD 9 AND CD 10 i had fosimon injections and CD 11, HCG choriomon injection. CD 13 , My first try of IUI. CD 15 my doctor put me on duphaston and gestin tablets twice a day FOR 10 DAYS. And pregvyte and juspirin once a day. I am in my 2WW. On 21st november, i have to test with a HPT.
i have been cramping, sore tender breasts the last week for 5 days. And theres some white CM i noticed too! 6 days more ! Am waiting hopeful.
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Fyi. My first iui didn't work! :(
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Thank you so much for your success stories, gives a smile. May you breeze  though your pregnany and meet your angel soon!
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I am now 6 weeks pregnant after my first iui cycle with femara (I had 1 unsuccessful cycle and 1 early miscarriage with clomid and IUI).

I got my first +ve 15 days post IUI.
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I was on letrozole (femara) as well the cycle I had IUI.  I took a digital test 10 days post IUI and got a BFP!
Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!
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