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Had anyone done egg freezing?

Hi everyone. My name's Mary, I'm 33 and still got no husband and I'm starting to worry about my fertility...So is there anyone who experienced egg freezing? Read about it a lot but got confused because it seems so hard to find a good specialist. I'm from Maryland but ready to go anywhere for the procedure.
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Hi Marry, you need to go to a fertility treatment clinic.
Take care of yourself, eat well, workout, relax (meditation, yoga, acupuncture is also very good), take maternity vitamins with folic acid and if you are having omega 3-6-9 it's super good too in order to get healthy eggs.

They will run you blood test to check your hormonal levels and explain to you the procedure of the protocol of treatment they will put in place for you to get as many eggs (ovum) as possible. It's basically the same procedure as an IVF. You will get a prescription of injectable hormones, that you will have to inject yourself with twice a day to produce a maximum of follicules (normally only one follicule comes to maturity each month, from one ovary one month, the other next month, to release an egg maturity is reached (between 18-21mm)), you will have to do a few intra vaginal ultrasound to monitor the amount and size of follicules in order to stop the ovulation process, and to make sure that you don't go through hyperstimulation, in the mean time we don't want those eggs to be released, we want to collect them at the perfect timing. You will then go through a minor intervention that is called ponction, normally with local anesthesia and light sedation to make you more confortable (I won't lie, it's painful but doesn't last forever). Then the embryologist in a lab right beside will count the eggs, evaluate the quality under the microscope and put them in a sterile environnement to freeze or proceed to vitrification process.

It's the best thing you can do right now in order to keep your fertility intact cause women's decrease dramatically after 35. You can then conceive with the help of the fertility center later on in your life, through IVF, with your own 33 years old eggs of good and fertile quality, with your partner or donor sperm, whatever you decide.

It's demanding, financially, physically (possible weight gain, mood swings, fatigue) and emotionally but when you take in consideration that even if you get the help you can get from science, it's still Him above that  you to conceive in the end, but you still need good fertile eggs. I wish I had thought of if sooner...

You are making the right decision. Ask your obgyn some referrals in your area.

Best of luck!
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Here in London, UK, there is a clinic that manages egg freezing and sharing. If you share, the freezing process is free of cost and you only start paying the freezer yearly (350 GBP) after the second year of freezing. You can only be a sharer until your 35th birthday. You will be able to keep 50% of the eggs and the other half will be to donate. They match you with a recipient of eggs before starting the process, after testing your egg quality, blood, etc.
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