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Has anyone had progesterone levels hover incredibly low

I am 7w4d and just got my progesterone level results back again. We had a mc in Sept. After that I went into pre menopause like state and was not ovulating. I took provera, still no menstrual, they did baseline ultrasound found evrything to be okay and went for chlomid. I still had no period when I got a positive test after 1 round of chlomid. My doctors ofice said this was the first time they had seen this. I requested my levels be checked as the last m/c was presumed low progesterone. My levels were incredibly low, 2.2!!!!! I was devistated! They did not even want to give me the progesterone suppliments saying it was too low to be "Viable"....a word I have grown to hate. At that point I was at 17 days past ovulation. I begged for the supplements and they called them in. a week later my progesterone was at 22 then the week after it was at 11 for 2 weeks then 11.9 now yesterday 10.9.
We had an us on the 25th of April and saw a heartbeat. They measured the baby at 6w1d. I am so freaked out still that this will end in another mc I didn't start spotting last time until 8 weeks then mc at 10.
The clinic is not as worried as I am because my hcg levels are great and they say I am just going to hover around 11.

I am just wondering if anyone has hovered this low and had a healthy baby?
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Thanks for the reassurance. I am unsure why the number was at 2.2
I thought even the normal menstrual cycle number was higher. I do have a friend who had a 4 the first lab and had a healthy baby but her numbers came up quite a bit higher than mine after the prometrium. I have another u/s the 27th and will hold my breath again until I see another heartbeat.
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Although they like to see the number higher, I would think an 11 is OK...but what I don't understand is the 2.2. That makes no sense. Do you think there could have been a mix-up at the lab? Or that the numbers were misread maybe? If it really was that low, then most would agree with your doctor that is was a non-viable pregnancy. So the fact that you're still pregnant and even saw a heartbeat makes me wonder if they gave you the wrong number. As for being worried, I can totally relate. After having two prior miscarriages, I was constantly nervous during my successful pregnancy...even past the first trimester. Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy!
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